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Vocab. Lev.E

Unit 13

Antipathy a strong dislike, hostile feeling
Applicable capable of being applied, relevant
Asset something of value, a resource
Beset to attack from all sides, to surround, hem in
Compassion sympathy for another's suffering, pity
Decorum proper behavior, good taste, orderliness
Duress compulsion by threat, forcible confinement
Exuberant high-spirited, enthusiastic
Facsimile an exact copy
Imbibe to drink, to take in, absorb
Implacable not to be satisfied or pacified, unyielding
Infinitesimal so small as to be almost immeasurable
Innocuous harmless, inoffensive, insignificant
Militate to have effect or force on or against someone or something, fight against
Patent exclusive rights over an invention, copyright; to arrange or obtain such rights; plain, open to view; copyrighted
Prowess distinguished bravery, superior skill or ability
Sedate quiet, settled, sober; to administer a tranquilizer
Stentorian extremely loud
Stipulate to arrange specifically, to require as a condition of agreement
Ultimatum a final proposal or statement of conditions
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