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RT Corticosteriods

Corticosteriods in Respiratory Care

Natural corticosteriods are secreted by the__________ ___________ Adrenal Cortex
Those secrete by the adrenal cortex are termed__________ hormones adrenalcorticoid
The inner zone (medulla) of the adrenal glands secrete___________. adrenaline
The outer zone (cortex) of adrenal glands secrete__________. corticosteriods
Name the three types of adrenal-corticoid hormones produced by the adrenal cortex: mineralcorticiodss,sex hormomes,gluco-corticoids
The main glucocorticoid hormone is: hydrocortizone
"Steroids" in general exert an_________ effect on the body. antiinflammatory
The posterior portion of the pituitary gland releases___________hormone(_______) into the blood stream.ACTH,in turn,stimulates the adrenal gland to secrete__________(e.g hydrocortisone) adrenocorticotropic,ACTH,glucocorticoids
Artificially raising the level of the body's steroids can result in suppression of the__________. adrenal glands
How is "Performist" administered? SVN
What is Immunoglobin E? What role does it play in inflammation? IgE is an antibody. This antibody will attract Mast Cells and Eosinophils(cause inflammation). Once the Mast cells are sensitized it will rupture and cause degranulation.
Are there sympathetic or parasympathetic nerves in the lungs? parasympathetic
What are some of the effects of natural glucocorticocoids on bodily functions? glucogenesis(increased blood sugar),protein mobilization,fat mobilization,decreased inflammation
Te most significant side effect of treatmant with steroids is_________. adrenal suppression or HPA suppression
With systemic administration of steriods,adrenal suppression begins after only a single________.The advantage of using inhaled corticosteriods is that their use minimizes________ suppression,by minimizing the _________and________the area of treatment. (day or dose),adrenal,dosage,localizing
What is taper-dose therapy? to slowly wean a patient for str
Four categories of events that occur in inflammation are: increased vascular permeability,leukocyte infiltration,chemotaxis,phagocytosis,mediator cascade
Beclomethasone dipropionate MDI:QVAR
Triamcinolone Acetonide MDI:Azmacort
Flunisoline Hemihydrate MDI:Aerospan
Fluticasone propionate MDI:Flovent 44,110,220|DPI:Flovent Diskus 50,100,250
Budesonide DPI:Pulmicort SVN:Respules
Mometasone furoate DPI:Asmanex Twisthaler
Fluticasone propionate/Salmeterol DPI:Advair Diskus 100, 250, 500 over 50 macrograms MDI:Advair HFA
Budesonide/formoterol fumerate HFA MDI: Symbicort 80,160 over 4.5 macrograms
Two of the more significant mediators are _____________and ____________. Eosinophils and Leukocytes
Hazards and side effects of system steroids are: Supression of the natural production of natural steroids,psychiatric responses, osteoporosis,peptic ulcers,fluid retention,hypertention, increased WBC's, and Hyperglycemia.
Steroid given IV in acute cases... Solu-Mederal (methyprednisolone)
Two side effects of aerosolized steroids.. candida and dysphonia
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