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Venipuncture Test 2

Chapter's 6 7 8 9

What is an adverse reaction? Any unwanted effect
What is the normal adult range creatinine levels? What is the optimal reading? Normal adult range for creatinine is 0.7-1.4 mg/dl. The optimal reading is 1.05 mg/dl.
What is normal adult range BUN levels? What is the optimal reading? Normal adult range for BUN levels is 7-25 mg/dl. The optimal reading is 16 mg/dl.
What are some mild adverse reactions? Nausea/vomiting, warmth, itching, anxiety, anxiety.
What are some moderate adverse reactions? Tachycardia/Bradycardia, Dyspnea, larynegal edema, bronchospasm/wheezing.
What are some sever adverse reactions? Sever laryngeal edema, cardiopulmonary arrest, unresponsiveness.
What is Metformin? What must a patient taking Metformin do prior to receiving contrast media? What must the patient taking Metformin/Glucophage d after the exam? AKA: Glucophag; a drug used for non insulin dependent dianetes. A patient using Glucophage/Metformin needs to withhold use for 48 hours prior to recieving contrast. The patient must withhold use of Metformin/Glucophage for 48 hours after the exam.
What are the 4 H's? HISTORY (patient's history), HYDRATION (elderly, newborns), HAVE (have equipment & personnel ready), HEADS UP (know patient's condition, note changes).
What is an extravasation? What is effective treatment of an extravasation? What is a hematoma? Extravasation is leakage of contrast into the tissues surrounding the vein. Elevation of the extremity above the heart, apply cold pack to the site. A hematoma is a swelling of blood beneath the tissue, not contrast.
What is an air embolism? What can happen? What amount may cause an air embolism? What is the treatment for an air embolism? Air that is entered into the venous system causing a blockage with cardiopulmonary arrest. 3-8 ml of air. Treatment is administration of 100% O2 (hyperbaric recommended) with the patient in a LLD postion.
What is the infection cycle? pathological organism, reservoir of infection, portal of exit, mode of transportation, portal of entry, susceptible host.
What is an organ specific adverse effect? An example for the following.... Adrenal glands, Respiratory system, GI tract, Heart, Kidney? Isolated effects speficic to each organ. Adrenal glands: hypertension, Respiratory system: pulmonary edema, GI tract: nausea/vomiting, Heart: hypotension, Kidney: hypertension.
Created by: jamestkelley