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Laubusch WI Chap 8

Wisconsin Chapter 8 Vocabulary

A leader of a state. Governor
Making many things at once by machine. Mass Production
A type of oil used in lamps. Kerosene
He built the first horseless carriage in Racine, WI. J.W. Carhart
A change from making things by hand to using machines. Industrial Revolution
Was governor of Wisconsin and led the Progressive Party. Robert LaFollette
To refuse to work until demands are met. Strike
Not taking either side. Neutral
A period of 100 years. Century
His invention, the telephone, made it easier for people to communicate. Alexander Graham Bell
Liquid and solid waste. Sewage
He owned the first company that made cars in Michigan. Henry Ford
A government certificate that people bought that was repaid after the war. War Bond
Machines that make electricity. Generator
A person who has fought in a war. Veteran
He was president and wanted to keep the U.S. out of World War I. Woodrow Wilson
A group of workers who join together to fight for change. Labor Union
A person who wanted the government to solve social and environmental problems. Progressive
It was fought between Central Powers (Germany and Austria-Hungary) and the Allied Powers (England, France, Italy, and Russia). World War I
Germany and Austria-Hungary Central Powers
England, France, Italy, and Russia Allied Powers
The United States joined this side in the war. Allied Powers
Created by: blaubusch