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BHSWG concepts #3

BHSWG- Human Geography Test

How many people are added to the total world population every minute? 266
Overall, world birth rates and death rates are _______________. decreasing
What country is projected to be the most populous in 2050? India
How many years did it take to get from 6 to 7 billion people? 12
Which region has the highest percentage of HIV/AIDS cases? Africa
What % of females receive a secondary education? 48
Less developed countries have a significantly ____________ population younger
Which region has the highest % of people living on less than $2 per day? South Asia
How did man acquire food in the beginning? Hunt & gather
Humans have available less than _________% of all the Earth's water. .08
_____________ is the number one user of freshwater worldwide Agriculture
A ___ is an early center of civilization & a site of innovation from which ideas spread out to many cultures. Culture hearth
Which of the following is NOT one of the 7 main culture hearths in early civilization? Nile valley, West Africa, Mesopotamia, Mekong valley Mekong Valley
People who migrate into a country or region are called Immigrants
People leaving a country or region are called Emigrants
People who flee from their homes to escape persecution or danger are called Refugees
______________ is the primary reason that people move from one place to the next. Financial need
Which economic activity uses raw materials to produce something new and more valuable? secondary
Which economic activity deals with processing, managing, & distributing information? quaternary
Which economic activity provides services to people & businesses (doctors, lawyers, teachers)? tertiary
Which economic activity is most common to produce wealth for the poorest countries? primary
T or F: Countries specialize in the economic activities best suited to the resources available to them. True
Limited healthcare & education, few manufacturing jobs, and widespread poverty would best describe a ________ country. developing
Which type of country is known for having low birth rates & death rates? developed
According to your notes, ______________ is used to measure a country’s wealth gross national product (GNP)
_____________ resources are materials that people take from the environment to survive and satisfy needs. Natural
_____________ resources are people whose labor and skills are needed to carry out production. Human
_____________ resources are money, property, machinery, that is needed for production. Capital
_____________ resources are used to light cities & homes, power transportation, heat water & homes. Energy
Metals and fossil fuels are ______________resources. nonrenewable
The _______________ revolution created improvements in sanitation, health care, medicine that have drastically reduced death rates in many countries. Biological
In this revolution, which began in England in the 1800s, the development of the steam engine led to the mass production of goods, development of factories, growth of cities, pollution, etc. Industrial
People on small farms who grow only enough crops for their family are practicing ________ agriculture. subsistence
Supply & demand, free enterprise, competition, & limited government regulation characterize this type of economy. Market
In this economy, most industries are owned by private individuals, while basic services such as health care are run by the government. Mixed
In this economy, the government has strict control over production and distribution of goods. They decide what to produce, how to produce it, & to whom they are producing for. Command
In this ancient government system, citizens participate directly in the making of laws. Direct democracy
In this government system, the powers to govern are held by force & were probably gained through an overthrow of the previous government. In this system, no opposition to the government is tolerated. Totalitarian
What government system best promotes human rights and self-preservation? Republic
Which religion was started by Siddhartha Gautama? Buddhism
This monotheistic religion believes the Koran is the perfect word of God and believes Mohammed was God’s holy prophet. It is the fastest growing religion Islam
This polytheistic religion is the 3rd largest religion & teaches that you are reincarnated until you reach spiritual perfection. Hinduism
According to your chart, where did Christianity begin? Jerusalem
Which of the 3 great monotheistic religions is the oldest? Judaism
Which religion is most widely practiced religion in the world? Christianity
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