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world cultures 3

latin america

Climate : the average weather and temperature of a place for a year
Amerindians the native/first inhabitants of Latin America
. B.C.E Before common era
Civilization: an advanced culture that has a highly developed economic, social and political system
Colony a settlement in foreign lands that is still under the control of country the people came from (Spanish)
. Colonial the time period of the 1500 -1600’s when colonies were set up in the Americas
C.E Common Era
Conquest to take over a group of people by force
Conquistador the Spanish conquerors who destroyed the Aztec and Inca empires
Deforestation: to clear the rainforests of their trees by cutting them down
Dictatorship one ruler who has absolute power or authority over the people
Economic deals with the production, distribution and use of wealth
Geographic Diversity a variety of physical characteristics
. Immigration : to move into a new country in order to settle there
Luxury wants : things people don’t need for survival but desire
Political: deals with the government
Political map shows countries, capitals, cities and borders of a place
Population Density : the number of people per square mile living in an area
Poverty: being poor and not having enough survival needs
Rainforest near the equator and has over 80 inches of rain with lots of trees and exotic wildlife and plants; provides ¼ of the world’s oxygen
Rural: an area with low population with many farms and lots of land; country
Social deals with the people and their culture
Survival needs things people need to survive such as food, clothing, shelter and water
Urbanization: the process of creating a city
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