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English Vocab. L 6-9

Spontaneous happening without an external cause
cope to deal with
wither to dry up; to shrivel
valor bravery
assail to attack
taut tight;tense
stunt to limit growth
assets resources or wealth
potent powerful
saga story; tale
undermine to weaken; to ruin
terminal last
spew to spit out
scrutinize to examine
savory tempting; tasty
rejuvenate to make youthful again
realm range; scope
badger to bother
belittle to criticize
concoct to contrive; to devise
condolence sympathy
candor honesty
buff enthusiast
composure calmness
prestigious famous; notable
replenish to restore
repress to supress; to control
ruse trick; ploy
ruthless merciless;grim
procrastinate to delay
abortive premature; fruitless
accost to confront; to challenge
acute serious; sharp
debris wreckage; ruins
decade a period of ten years
deploy to spread out; to arrange
genre kind; sort; style; class
guise external appearance
gusto zest; relish
matron a woman in charge
meager small amount
puny less than normal size and strength
quarry the object of a search
sordid dirty; filthy
spate a sudden flood or outpouring; series
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