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PSY 315

admin oral
absorp gi, crosses bbb placental barrier
distri body organs except smll intestines
metab rapdi via liver
excretion intestins and bile
mech of action blockaged of 5ht@ synapes
phar effects -inhibitary effect at 5ht receptors in raphe nucleas -5ht2 receptors> cerebral cortex -activation of ne in locus coreules via 5ht
tripping -lsd inebiation -latnecy automoic signs somatic changes alternations i senstaions and perceptions (visuals)
clincal app just kidding
side effects -non addicitive -prolonged psychotic reactions -life threatening depression -eaxacerbration of mental illness
psilocin and psilocybin seratonin like lds life indule compuds 5ht blockers!
myisticin nutmeg
elemicin mace
muscarine amaita muscaria
marcropsia objects seen larger
physotigime ache antagonist
atropine deadly nightshade (blank)
datura sombie cumber (blank)
DOM blocks reuptake of da ne and 5ht close to mesclaine
ergotism toxic outiance of infected ceral ingetion
Created by: pgalbato