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PSY 315

Admin inhalation, oral
absorption stores in fat tisseue with brain live affinity
excretion via urine
mechanism of action interaction with ach, da, ne, and 5ht nmda receptors
low dose effects -stimulation -euphoria -confusion -memory impairment
moderate dose effects -disorgaization -delusions -sterotyped movement -violent behavior
high does effects extrem agiations -unnresponsivness -desulus/ hullucinations -anethesia
side effects -grimaning -arm flaiing -muscle tension -nausea vomiting -confusion -anxiety -mood changes -memory loss psychotic behavior
physostygmine treatment of flacoma and myasthemia gravis it is an ache antagonist (enzyme in hibter)
effects f ACH antagonists -induce symptoms fo antrichomergic syndrome -block body fluid secretion -^body temp and hr -pupils dialte -^muscle tone of bladder and GI tract
belladonna pupil dilation
3 key anti-ach hallucingones -deadly nightshade (atropine) -mandrake -henbane
fly agaric mushroom muscarine, muscimol
calabar bean physostigmine
deadly nightsade atropine
datura scoplamine, hyoscamine
peyote catus mescaline
ergot alkaloids lsd
magic mushrooms psilsoybin psilocin
morning glory seeds lysergic acide amind
tiad venom bufotenine
cohoba snuff dmt
nutmeg myrsitein, elemicin
ergot and lsd lsd derived form ergot
albert hofmann most widely known synthesit/ sidocerer of halluciongic compunds
dangers of lsd the prducion of a psychotic reaction due to a bad trip
Created by: pgalbato
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