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PSY 315

admin GI tractin iv im sc oral
distribution all body tissues, binds to blood proties> kidneys liver lungs and spleen
metab live>biotransfermation
excretion through kidneys in 24 hrs 7-10%
Pharm effects CNS: euphoria and analgesia GI TRACT: constipation, expanded intellect, hypnote effects, cardiovascular (skin vasodialation)
clicnal apps -clincial analgesics -sometines hypnotes -terminal illness use -epidural pain killer
side effects -constiption -respitory depresion (medulla/pons) -nasea -slight drop in body temp -imbalance in neurodorine output
meperidine -demoral, pethadol -1rst synthetic analgsic -similar action to morphinem but must be admistered more often
fentanyl -sublimaze -synthetic morphine 8 times more ptent then morphine
methadone -morphine like agonist -used for morphine withdrawl other opiates -ms agonsits
LAAM -synthetic opiate similar to morphine .5 life of 2-6 days> less admin the methadone
Naloxone prototype of opiate antagonists that compley blocks recetors mu receptors opiate wwithdrawl
Nalrexone -revia -competitre opite antagonist
antagonists inhibits certainreceptors but doesnt affect others
morphinelike agonists stimulates certain receptors but doenst affect others
agonsits antagonists stimulates certain recptors and antagonizes others
partial agonists partially stimualtes certain receptors and antagonizes others
what is naloxone used for -opiate poisoning (op) -diagonosis of opiate addiction -examination of body own opiates
opiate withdrwal -goose flesh -hot/cold flashes -running of bodily fluids - limb twtiching nightmirrors -stomach cramos, diarrhea, vomitting
key probs for naractic addiact -med. use leading to addiaction -social circumstance of use -instant/intence euphria -aversion to withdrwak symtoms
principals that tcs operate 1) no such thing as ex-abuser 2) reliance on mutual support 3) use of continual cofession and cathorsis
Created by: pgalbato