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Drug Test Study Card

Study Guide for Drug Test

What type of drug is alcohol? Depressant
Active drug in tobacco Nicotine
Nicotine is what type of drug? Stimulant
Liver Disease caused by repeated abuse of alcohol Cirrhosis
Lung Disease caused by smoking. Air sacs in the lungs become clogged and can't take in oxygen. Emphysema
Active Drug in Marijuana THC
What is Marijuana classified as? Marijuana. Marijuana gets its own classification because it has properties similar to many different drugs.
What are the 4 stages of Addiction? Social Use, Tolerance, Dependency, Addiction
Mushrooms and LSD are what kind of drug? Hallucinogenic
MDMA is the technical name for what drug? Ecstasy
Ecstasy releases this neurotransmitter in the brain and makes people feel good. Serotonin
Ecstacy floods the brain with serotonin. After repeated use of ecstasy the brain can no longer create serotonin. If a person doesn't have enough serotonin what is wrong with them? Depression
Weed, Dope, Grass, Pot, Marijuana
LSD is commonly called what? Acid
Rohypnol, Ketamine, GHB are commonly used for what? Sexual assault / Date Rape
Ritalin and Adderall are often abused for what reason? Weight loss / Energy / Focus when studying
This drug is made from cold medacine like sudafed. Meth
This prescription drug is given to heroin addicts to help them with the withdrawl symptoms Methadone - you will learn this on the day of the test.
Two drugs we talked about in class that are taken with needles. Methamphetamine / Heroin
Most drugs effect the chemical transmitters in the brain. This typically gives the user a pleasurable experience. What are the transmitters called? Neurotransmitters
What is is called when yeast breaks down sugar and creates ethyl? Fermentation - Alcohol is created by the process of fermentation.
Most common cause of death for inhalant users. Sudden Sniffing Death
How many ounces of each type of alcohol have the equivalent of one drink? Beer Wine Spirits (Hard Alcohol) Malt Beverages - (Hard Lemonade, Smirnov Ice) Beer - 12 oz Wine - 5 oz Spirits - 1.5 oz Malt - 12 oz
Percent of blood that contains alcohol? BAC - Blood Alcohol Concentration
2 hallucinogenic drugs discussed in class Acid / Mushrooms
2 Drugs are taken, but they have no effect on each other. Independant Drug Reaction
2 Drugs are taken and one causes the other to not work. Antatgonist Drug Reaction
2 drugs are taken at the same time and the action of one plus the action of the other results as if just one drug had been given. This could be represented by 1+1= 2. Additive Drug Reaction
2 drugs are taken together that are similar in action, which are both depressants, an effect exaggerated out of proportion to that of each drug taken separately at the given dose may occur. This could be expressed by 1+1= 5. Synergistic Drug Reaction
Created by: cthorp