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Block 5

What are the two types of magazines (facilities) used to store munitions? Igloos and above ground buildings
Define the cardinal principal of explosives safety? Expose the minimum number of people to the minimum amount of explosives for the minimum amount of time
Who is responsible for enforcing personel limits? Supervisors
Persons not normally part of an explosives operations but have duties that require their presence defines what? Casuals
Incidental storage of flammable materials not supporting explosives maintenance operations may be authorized within_____ feet of explosives operating locations. 50 feet
Don't refuel equipment within _____feet of explosives. 100 feet
Provide a minimum of _____serviceable fire extinguishers, suitable for the hazards involved, for immediate use at any location where explosives are being handled. 2
What type of containers will be used for munitions residue? grounded, covered, self-closing containers
Once the inspection of ranges and CATM facilities is complete, who must be notified of the findings and provided recommendations for corrective action? SF Commander
The types of aircraft ranges include: air-to-air air-to-ground ground-to-air
Which range class is manned, has a scoring capability from the ground, and has a RCO on the ground that controls aircraft using the range? Class A
Which range class is either manned or unmanned and has a scoring capability from the ground, but does not have a RCO on the ground controlling aircraft? Class B
Which range class is unmanned with no scoring or aircraft control from the ground? Class C
Which range classes will have a designated helicopter landing area? Classes A,B,C
What are the three common types of ranges? Small arms, Machine gun, and grenade launcher
Emergency procedures for each range must be: published, reviewed yearly, and republished every 5 years
The_____ contractor will provide and document initial and yearly ground and explosive safety briefings to personnel who operate and maintain weapons ranges. ROA
The RCO and Range personnel must continually watch for hazardous conditions such as: trespassers, fires, and abnormal bird activity
Who monitors operations involving explosives to ensure that Air Force units understand and comply with all safety standards? Weapons Safety personnel
Weapons Safety personnel maintain and ______ review and explosive location map. annually
Armories will have a single entry door made of _____. Steel
Space for privately owned weapons (POW) is required separate from government owned weapons. True/False True
What are the three diciplined included in Weapons Safety programs? Explosive Space and Missile Nuclear Surety
Who must have weapons safety programs? Units at and above squadron level with and explosive, missile, and nuclear mission.
Explosive safety standards are located in AFMAN_____ and DoD _____. AFMAN 91-201 DoDD 6055.9
Who coordinates explosives safety for the entire base? host safety office
What is the hazard associated with 1.1 explosives? mass destruction (oragnge octagon)
What is the fire symbol for an explosive rated at 1.2? orange x (RR crossing)
An explosive identified as moderate fire hazard is assigned which class? 1.4 (orange diamond)
Class 1.3 is idendified by? orange inverted triangle (mass fire)
What is a written authority permitting a temporary exception for existing construction from a mandatory QD requirement of AFMAN 91-201? Waiver
Waivers are granted for a short period _____ pending cancellation or correction of the waived conditions. 5 years or less
Waivers are initiated by using/owning organization and signed by whom? Host base commander
When requirements of quantity-distance or compatability outlined in AFMAN 91-201 cannot be met, request an exception to the regulation with a ____, _____, or _____. waiver, exemption, or deviation
Requests for waivers and exemptions are processed on what AF form? AF Form 943
_____ determin approval levels for deviations, reviewed every ____yearss. MAJCOMS every 3 years
True/False Theres is no established timeline associated with deviations. True
An exemption is a form of a waiver and is _____ or _____ from a QD requirements. long-term permanent departure
An exemption is a written authority permitting a long-term exception for __________. more than 5 years
What are used as documentation for formal permission to store explosives or munitions outside the sited explosive storage area? AF 2047
Who will physically inspect the proposed facility for compliance with fir and safety rules assuring the proper quantity and type of fire extinguishers? Host base Weapons Safety office
What are required for each explosives licence? local written instructions
What is a process used to manage the risks associated with explosives activities to ensure the minimum risk to personnel, equipment, and assets while meeting mission requirements? Explosive site planning
What is the area surrounding a potential explosive site (PES) whis is determined by the required inhabited building separation? Explosive clear zone
What are methods to document the results of the explosives site planning process? Explosive siet plans
Which form is used to provide PES and Exposed site information and to validate required QD separation? AF Form 943 *waivers also use this form
Who is responsible for the base flight safety program? Host safety office
The assigned FSO and FSNCO monitor flight-related facilities or operations as part of a _____program. continuious quality improvment
As it relates to mishap board training, who will determine the most effective interval and mode of training? MAJCOMS
Units with flying programs must establish a _____ program. MACA Mid-Air Collision Avoidance
The BHWG must meet at least how often? semi-annually
Who will chair the Bird Hazard Working Group meeting? vice wing commander
Mow airfield to maintain a uniform grass height between ____ and _____ inches. 7 and 14
Aircraft ground handling personnel will accomplish written proficiency tests on local procedures and operating standards and will be conducted at least how often? annually
Who will be in complete command of the towing operation? supervisor
Who will be in direct contact with the person in the cockpit? nose walker
What is the maximum towing speed of aircraft? 5mph
When approaching the aircraft to be moved, the tow vehicle driver will stop at least how many feet from the aircraft and proceed only on specifiv instructions from the tow team supervisor? 50 feet
The towing vehicle distance behind another aircraft or another vehicle will not be less than _____. 50 feet
Who will ensure that all ground and aircrew personnel who are or could be directly involved with aircraft movements are tested on their knowledge of marshaling signals? MAJCOMS
Personnel will be tested within how many days of reporting for duty following permanent change of station, or after their first assignment to duties requiring their knowledge of marshalling signals? 30 days
Aircraft will not be taxied cloer than _____ feet to an active runway where aircraft are operated unless they are taxing on and extablishe taxiway. 100 feet
Wing walkers will be usend when the aircraft is taxied within _____ feet of an obstruction. 25 feet
Under normal conditions, aircraft will not be taxied within _____ feet of an obstruction. 25 feet
Aircraft will not be taxied without clearance. Radion contatct will be maintained with the _____ throughout taxi operations. control tower
Personnel, vehicles, and towed aircraft will remain clear of taxing traffic and will not pass within ______ feet of the rear of an aircraft with engines running. 200 feet
Who manages the overall flight line production effort? Production Superintendent
Effective debriefs directly impact _____, _____, and _____. time, money, and systems reliablity
Hot refueling requires the approval of the _____ of the activity involved. MAJCOM
Hot refueling provides what? minimum turn-around, reduces personnel and equipment support
Who has overall responsibility for the host refueling operation? Hot Pad Supervisor (must be 5 level or above)
Who must be notified whenever hot refueling is to be accomplished? Installation Fire Dept
If the aircrews do not maintain their hands up and or out of the cockpit instrumentation area, what must happen? hot refueling will be terminated
Who is responsible to ensure all servicing personnel are knowledgeable of requirements in directives and T.O.'s? Commanders, Managers, and Supervisors
Oxygen servicing will/will not be accomplished during fuel servicing. will not
Who will administer breifings to TDY groups on base? Ground Safety Manager
Vehicle parking area. _____mph 5mph
Aircraft Parking Ramp_____mph maximum. Speed limit is 5mph when ____ feet of an aircraft. 15mph, 25feet
Designated Traffic Lanes on the ramp or taxiway in congested areas or within _____ feet of aircraft parking areas______mph. 200feet, 15mph
Towing speed is _____ 5mph
The maximum towing speed for AGE, such as compressors, ground power units, oxygen carts, and similar equipment is _____. 10mph
Who will provide flight line training to contractor personnel? airfield manager
Vehicle operators will not approach within _____ feet of an aircraft being towed. 50 feet
Steady Green light= clear to cross
Stead Red light= Stop! Vehicle will not be moved
Flashing Red light= Clear active runway
Flashing White Light= Return to starting point
Red and Green Light= General Warning
Pavement strength is divided into how many categories? 4
Apron size is determined by the _____, _____, and _____ of aircraft requiring parking and maneuvering. type, number, and size
The potential for _____ increases while performing maintenance at elevated levels and during winter or high winds. falls
Personnel working on or near operating jet aircraft are potentially exposed to the most intense and sustained noise exposures experienced in the Air Force. Possible side effects of noise exposure include: hearing loss, interferrence with speech, and dissruption of job performance
________, _____, and _____ are potential concerns in hot and humid climates. Heat exaustion, sunburns, and strokes
_____, disorientation, and other physical and mental side effects may contribute to mishaps if proper PPE, adequuate rest, and other considerations are not addressed in locally developed guidelines for operational and maint. tasks. Fatigue
Except when assisting passengers on arriving or departing aircraft during inclement weather, _____ will not be permitted on the operational flight line. umbrellas
Portable electric equipment, used in Class 1, Division 1 and Class 1, Division 2 locations will be _____ or _____. explosion proof or intrensically safe
What training is required for all personnel (assigned to aircraft maintenance areas) who install, maintain, relocate, inspect or repair electrical systems and (or) equipment or perform duties as safety observers? CPR
LOX is a pale blue liquid with a temperature of _____ degrees F. It reacts violently with _____ based products and splashes of LOX will freeze skin tissue. -297(F) petrollium
Park LOX oxygen bottle carts ___ feet from fire resistant buildings with automatic fire extinguishing systems, _____ feet from combustible structures and smoking areas. 25 50
Laptop computers, cellular phones, portable or vehicle mounted non-tactical radio equipment will not be operated within _____ feet of aircraft fuel vent outlets, open port refueling recepticals, and fuel spills or fuel trucks being filled. 10 feet
Jacks will be inspected for what? lifting capacity, proper functioning of safety locks, conditions of pin, and general serviceability
When specifications for wind velocity for a particular aircraft are not available, maintenance personnel will accept a velocity of _____ mph as the safe maximum. 15mph
Who shall ensure a restraining device for inflating tires on wheels is available? supervisor
What type of contact will be maintaind with the control tower and will e maintained at all times during engine opeations or taxing? radio
Unless required by TO, crewmembers and maintenance personnel will not approach closer than _____ to jet duct entrances from the side or rear of the running engine, and all personnel will stay at leas _____in front of engine intakes when the engine on. 5 25
A ground or flight crew member will be stationed to the side of the engine being operated to warn personnel and traffic to remain clear for a minimum distance of ____ to the rear of the aircraft. 200 feet
Who is responsible the the weapons section for armament systems maintenance and loading of assigned aircraft? Weapons load crew
Load personnel are/are not certified on more than two types of aircraft, except during munitions and aircraft test programs. are not
Forklift operators will never drive forklifts faster than _____ on ramps and _____ of any aircraft. 10mph 5mph 10feet
Forklift drivers will not stack empty pallets higher than ____. eye level
To ensure adequate clearance, k-loaders will be stopped or moved to at least _____ from aircraft for preliminary deck alignment. 5 feet
The k-loader operator will maintain _____ to _____ inches clearance between the ruber bumpers and the aircraft for further deck adjustments during on or off-loading. 5 to 8 inches
Who are responsible for evacuation of passenger waiting areas? passenger service personnel
Who is responsible for keeping aisles clear and exits open in case the aircraft must be evacuated during refuel? passenger service personnel
AFRC and ANG installations on municipal airports or FAA-controlled airfields must apply _____ criteria to facilitate such as runways and taxiways that are jointly used by civilian and military aircraft. FAA
Each _____ component is responsible for setting administrative procedures necessary to process and grant formal waivers. CE, Airfield Manager, and Safety must review waivers ______. Service annually
Aviation facilities consist of 4 land use areas. They are: Airside facilities, landside facilities, landing and take-off areas, and aircraft movement and parking areas
What provides for free ground movement to and from the runways, helipads, maintenance, cargo/passenger, and other areas of the aviation facility? taxiways
What are the paved areas required for aircraft parking, loading, loading, unloading, and servicing? aircraft parking aprons
When is a license and operating instructions are/are not required where explosives items are to be removed and replaced. are
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