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xray boards

spine q's

what is demonstrated in the oblique position of the cervical spine? intervertebral foramina
with the pt in the lateral position, is the MSP parrallel or perp for a lateral lumbar spine parallel
what is the ear of the Scotty dog? the superior articular process
what is the front foot of the Scotty dog? inferior articular process
what is the eye of the Scotty dog? the pedicle
what is the body of the Scotty dog? the lamina
what is the nose of the Scotty dog? the transverse process
the apophysela joints are best demonstrated closest or farthest to the film in a L spine closest
the RAO of the Cspine requires what degree of angle and in which direction? 15-20d caudad
what is well demo in a lateral L spine? intervertebral joints pedicles
what is demo in a lateral cspine intervert joints apophyseal joints
which position best demos the lumbosacral junction in the AP position? cephalad 30-35d
what is demo'd in the AP projection of the t spine? intervertebral spaces
what is demo'd in the lateral t spine? intervertebral spaces intervertebral foramina
what forms the intervertebral foramina? vertebral notches of the pedicles
what is located at hte level of the interspace of the 4th and 5th t spine? sternal angle
where is the jugular notch located? T2-3 interspace
the xiphoid is located opposite which vertebrae? T10
the apophyselal articulations of the thoracic spine are demonstrated with the coronal plane 70d to the IR
what view do we use to demo the intervertebral disk spaces, intervertebral foramina, and spinous processes of the lumbar spine? lateral lumbar
what position demo the lumbosacral apophyseal articulation? 30d RPO
lowest to highest in weighting factor (the relative tissue radiosensitivity of irradiated material ng factor (Wt) to highest weighting factor. A. Breast B. Lung C. Bone marrow D. Skin skin breast lung bone marrow
To demonstrate the first two cervical vertebrae in the AP projection, the patient is positioned so that a line between the maxillary occlusal plane and the mastoid tip is vertical.
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