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PI Verbs

Parliamo Italiano Verbs

Chiamare To Call
Chiamarsi to be called
Essere to be (as in to exist)
Stare to be, stay, remain
avere to have
abitare to live
portare to wear, to carry
fumare to smoke
ascoltare to listen to
comprare to buy
giocare to play
guardare to look at/ watch
lavorare to work
mangiare to eat
pagare to pay
parlare to speak/to talk
studiare to study
visitare to visit a place
caminare to walk
andare to go
amare to love
arrivare to arrive
cercare to look for
insegnare to teach
imparare to learn
prenotare to make a reservation
suonare to play an instrument
tornare to return
trovare to find
scrivere to write
chiedere to ask
chiudere to close
leggere to read
mettere to put, to place
prendere to take, get
rispondere to respond
vedere to see
vendere to sell
partire to leave
aprire to open
dormire to sleep
offrire to offer, to pay for, to buy
seguire to follow
sentire to hear
soffrire to suffer
cenare to eat dinner, to dine
fare colazione to eat breakfast
pranzare to eat lunch
sperare to hope
uscire to go out
aspettare to wait for
cantare to sing
sciare to ski
fare to do
bere to drink
cominiciare to begin
entrare to enter
ricevere to receive
sospirare to sigh
spendere to spend (money)
capire to understand
finire to finish
preferire to prefer
pulire to clean
colpire to hit, strike
condire to season
obbedire to obey
punire to punish
restituire to give back, to return
sostituire to replace to substitute
spedire to send
starnutire to sneeze
dovere to have to, must
volere to want
potere to be able, can, may
venire to come
funzionare to work, to function
incontrare to meet
russare to snore
telefonare to phone
dire to say
dare to give
assaggiare to taste
provare to try
significare to mean
correre to run
essere contento di to be happy to
essere in cattive condizioni to be in poor condition
essere nato to be born
guidare to drive
vivere to live
baciare to kiss
cadere to fall
conoscere to know, to make the aquaintance of
morire to die
nascere to be born
occupare to occupy
passare (tempo0 to spend time
puzzare to stink
restare to stay
ritornare/tornare to return, to go back
salire to go up
scendere to go down
bussare to knock
mandare to send
andare via to go away
adorare to adore
scappare via to run away, flee
accumulare to accumulate, to build up
affittare to rent (a house, apartment, office)
attaccare il telefono to hang up the phone
cominiciare to begin
noleggiare to rent
scegliere to choose
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