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vocab in acton

chapter 6

admissable worthy of being permitted
beneficial makeing better
colleague fellow worker
deflate to release gas or air
dilute to thin or weaken by adding liquid
dispense to give of distribute
emotional strong feeling
fallow plow or tillted
fluted with grooves
haphazard by chance or with out planning
illustrious well known or famous
jaunt short trip
merit quality or trait
notorious well known
platform raised surface
ratify to approve of an action
saline containing salt
squander to spend wastefully
tenacity firmness
venture a task that is risky
angst anxiety or apprehension
egocentric being concerned with the individual rather than society
fluctuate to continually change between two choises
obtrusive calling attention to manner or conduct in an undesirable way
vindicate to free from blame
Created by: sss6