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Pivot Point Ch. 9

Pivot Point Chapter 9 - Haircutting

The foundation of every haircut is considered to be: a. form b. color c. texture d. porosity form
Which of the following lines are parallel to the horizon and create a feeling of maximum weight or stability? a. curved b. vertical c. diagonal d. horizontal horizontal
The lines used in haircutting that create the illusion of movement and excitement are called: a. curved lines b. vertical lines c. diagonal lines d. horizontal lines diagonal lines
The surface feel of each hair strand determines which of the following? a. texture b. density c. elasticity d. condition texture
Cutting the hair at 0 degree projection creates a (n): a. blunt effect b. wedge effect c. uniform effect d. graduated effect blunt effect
What type of form would result from using a 45 degree projection or elevation angle? a. solid b. graduated c. increase-layered d. uniformly layered graduated
A layered cut or 90 degree cut is known as a (n): a. solid form b. graduated form c. increase-layered form d. uniformly layered form uniformly layered form
All of the following are true about the uniformly layered form EXCEPT: a. circular shape b. activated texture c. same length throughout d. rectangular or oval shape rectangular or oval shape
Which of the following cutting implements is used to create a clean, blunt edge? a. razor b. shears c. clippers d. taper shears shears
When cutting with a razor all of the following results are achieved EXCEPT: a. ends are tapered b. softer appearance to hair c. a diffused form line appears d. regular alternation of short and long lengths regular alternation of short and long lengths
Which finger should be placed in the finger grip to control the still blade when holding shears? a. ring b. pinky c. index d. thumb ring
The moveable blade of the shears is controlled by the: a. still blade b. thumb grip c. hand screw d. finger brace thumb grip
To hold the comb & shears in the same hand withoug jeopardizing the client's safety, release the thumb grip &: a. close palm over shears b. close fingers over finger grip c. wrap thumb around finger grip d. wrap fingers tightly around blade close your palm over the shears
Taper shears, also known as thinning shears, are used on the ends of the hair to: a. remove bulk b. create precise lines c. create a clean blunt edge d. create a broom-like effect remove bulk
When using electric clippers, the attachment that allows the hair to be cut to one exact length is the: a. taper b. razor c. guard d. trimmer guard
A trimmer, also known as an edger, is a tool used to: a. create bevelling b. part and distribute the hair c. outline and refine the hairline d. create short lengths within the form outline and refine the hairline
As it cuts hair the moveable blade of the clippers moves: a. up and down b. to the left only c. to the right only d. from side to side from side to side
Which tool controls short perimeter lengths when cutting against the skin? a. razor b. trimmer c. barber comb d. cutting comb barber comb
The area all around the hairline is referred to as the: a. crest b. crown c. occipital c. perimeter perimeter
The apex refers to what part of the head? a. top b. side c. front d. bottom top
The term used to describe dividing the head into workable areas for the purpose of control is called: a. designing b. texturizing c. sectioning d. positioning sectioning
The most natural looking result of the line is achieved when cutting the hair in which of the following head positions? a. back b. upright c. forward d. tilted to the side upright
Which head position when cutting hair results in an inclination or a slight graduated effect? a. upright b. tilted back c. tilted forward d. tilted to the side tilted forward
What type of distribution results in a 90 degree angle from its parting? a. shifted b. parallel c. nonparallel d. perpendicular perpendicular
What term, also known as elevation, is the angle at which the hair is held in relation to the curve of the head prior to cutting? a. slithering b. projection c. texturizing d. cross-checking projection
Which of the following angles best represents low projection (elevation)? a. 0 - 30 degrees b. 30 to 60 degrees c. 90 to 180 degrees d. 180 to 240 degrees 0 - 30 degrees
Projecting the hair below 90 degrees would: a. build weight b. remove bulk c. remove weight d. shorten lengths build weight
Which line is considered to be the artistic guideline while cutting hair? a. crest line b. design line c. elevation line d. projection line design line
A stationary design line is a guide to where all lengths are directed and is: a. stable b. moveable c. texturized d. midstrand stable
A weight area in a graduated form could be described as a: a. natural projection b. section of the head c. concentration of layers d. concentration of lengths concentration of lengths
Which of the following terms identifies the technique used to check the accuracy of a haircut by using the opposite parting pattern? a. parting b. sectioning c. texturizing d. cross-checking cross-checking
A design line that is used as a length guide for cutting graduated, layered and square forms is referred to as: a. stable b. curved c. stationary d. mobile (traveling) mobile (traveling)
Cutting shorter lengths within the form to reduce bulk and create support and mobility is called: a. outlining b. texturizing c. distribution c. cross-checking texturizing
Texturizing reduces bulk without: a. lengthening the hair b. adding volume to the hair c. adding additional movement to the hair d. shortening the overall length appearance of the hair shortening the overall length appearance of the hair
A technique performed on the ends of the hair to reduce bulk, allow for mobility, soften the ends and blend weight lines is called: a. slithering b. razor rotation c. end texturizing d. base texturizing end texturizing
To maintain control of the hair, which of the following hair types should be texturized the greater distance from the scalp? a. fine hair b. blonde hair c. coarse hair d. medium hair coarse hair
To allow for more control and the shrinkage factor, very curly hair should be texturized while it is: a. dry b. wet c. damp d. processing dry
Never thin: a. crest of the head b. interior area of the head c. exterior area of the head d. anywhere around the hairline anywhere around the hairline
To accommodate a growth pattern such as a widow's peak, cowlick or whorl when ctting the hair, which of the following statements would apply? a.cut the hair in the growth pattern area shorter b. allow additional length in the growth pattern area allow additional length in the growth pattern area
Which of the following growth patterns forms from a point at the front hairline and curves to one side? a. whorl b. fringe c. cowlick d. widow's peak widow's peak
When performing a haircut, which of the following determines the size of a parting? a. color of the hair b. density of the hair c. porosity of the hair d. elasticity of the hair density of he hair
Infection control procedures include sweeping and disposing of cut hair: a. at the end of the day b. after the client pays for the service c. after performing a blow dry service d. before performing a blow dry service before performing a blow dry service
Conversion layering is a common cutting technique used to create: a. solid forms b. square forms c. graduated forms d. increase-layered forms increase-layered forms
The higher the projection or elevation angle, the steeper the line of: a. parting b. texture c. distribution d. inclination (graduation) inclination (graduation)
An uneven effect is created when cutting hair that is: a. completely wet b. completely dry c. chemically treated d. partly wet and partly dry partly wet and partly dry
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