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Pharm Qz

Which of the following is FALSE about sodium nitroprusside? Hypotensive or hypertensive effect are dose
Which of the following things would NOT lower serum concentration of the beta blocker's comparative efficacy? Caffeine
Which of the following is a beta blocker? Metoprolol
What is dopamine? Beta stimulant; a catecholamine
What is Digoxin Positive inotropic agent,a cardiac glycoside
What is verapamil? Negative chronotrope, Ca+ ch blocker
What is inamrinome? Phosphodiesterase inhibitor
What is quinidine? Anti-arrhythmias
Which of the following drugs does this "the net effect": usually is a positive inotropic effect w/ a vasodilator; facilitate increase in blood flow? Dobutamine
What is rythmol? Class IC: tx sv, ventricular arrythmias
Classify Propranolol. Class II: beta blocker
Classify Amiodarone. Class III: tx sv, ventricular arrythmias
Classify lidocaine. Class IB: tx ventricular arrythmias
Classify Procainamide. Class IA: tx ventricular tachycardia
Amilonde Potassium sharing diuretic
Furosimide Loop diuretic
Mannitol Osmotic diuredic
Diuretic used in mild edematous states Thiazide
Acetazolamide Carbonic anhydrase inhibitor
Given by IV, produces an acute hemodynamic effect independent of their diuretic properties Loop diuretics
First line of tx for mild hypertension Thiazide diuretics
Often used in combination with another type of diuretic and is of moderate potency. Potassium sparing diuretic
Poor (weak) diuretics used in glaucoma, metabolic alkalosis and.... Carbonic anyhdrase inhibitors
Increase scretion of water and NaCl and is used in tx of cerebral edema Osmotic diuretics
neprotic sydrome is a nonspecific disorder in which the kidneys are damaged, causing them to leak large amounts of glucose from the blood into the urine. False
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