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Block 4a

part two of block 4

What helps identify hazards and measure compliance with safety program requirements outlined in AFI 91-202 and AFI 91-301? Safety Inspections
Who helps the commander determine the condition of work areas, the safety of work practices, the degree of compliance with safety and health standards, and the degree of compliance with safety program requirements? Safety Staff, through inspections
The safety staff will ensure qualified inspectors inspect all Air Force facilities and work areas how often? Within a year
These areas have the greatest riak to life or property damage, have experienced repeated mishaps, or in the judgment of the appropriate safety discipline requires added monitoring. High interest areas
_____ will be designated in writing and “spot” inspected ______. High interest areas; Monthly.
______ are no-notice to check the day-to-day safety and health of an organization, work center, facility, etc. Spot inspections
What are the minimum documentation requirements for spot inspections? Date, inspectors name, organization or activity inspected, Unit POC, Brief description of what was observed, discrepancy and if the status is open or closed.
Who will determine the frequency of spot inspections? Chief of safety
Assessments should cover ____. All safety disciplines.
What do Safety program management assessments address? Command and functional manager support, compliance with program directives, and the effectiveness of mishap prevention programs.
You MAY include assessment reports with inspection reports. If assessment reports can be combined with inspection reports, how much they be prepared? In separate sections.
Organizations at wing or installation levels and higher must be evaluated at least how often? Once every 3 years.
The ____________ evaluates the safety program management of organizations at or above the wing level as required by _______. Higher headquarters; OSHA
Conduct evaluations with ______. Prior Notice
Visits may be necessary when: Units implement new missions, equipment, or programs that impact mishap prevention programs.
The objective is to _______, not to ______. Help develop solutions; inspect or evaluate.
The purpose of staff assistance program is to: Provide assistance to unit safety personnel by reviewing their management and administrative procedures for effectiveness and providing recommendations for improvement.
The purpose of checklists is to: Help determine the condition of the work area, safety of work practices and degree of compliance with standards and regulations.
What are the two types of checklists? Pre-approved, Industrial/ non-industrial
There is not a standard format for checklists. True
Checklist items must be simple and brief and must be _____. Referenced.
Who inspects units that do not have an authorized, full-time safety position in a particular discipline? Host Safety Staff
If their mishap potential is low, remotely located units of approximately ____ may not need an annual inspection by a safety staff. 25 People or less.
Safety staffs may designate inspections as Prior notice or No-notice.
During personal consultations, be careful not to offer anyone a Formal grant of confidentiality.
Once the inspection report has been written, review the report paying particular attention to: Discrepancies, RAC’s, References, Recommendations
After the review has been accomplished, send the inspection report to whom? Commander of the unit inspected
Who must validate the findings which the unit has annotated as closed, on the inspection report? Safety staff
The Safety staff must follow-up on each open item every ____ and document anytime contact is made regarding the status. 30 days.
Who shall assess the workplace to determine if hazards are present, or are likely to be present, which necessitates the use of PPE? The supervisor
When the worker receives their training, it is documented on the AF Form 55, IAW AFI 91-301.
What is the most ideal method of controlling hazards? Engineering them out.
Consult the local _____ section whenever specific guidance on lighting is required and submit a ____, when a lighting survey is required. CE Facility design; Form 332
When fluorescent lighting fixtures are used, supervisors will ensure that any _____ with moving machinery is avoided. Stroboscopic effect.
Noise is measured in _____. Decibels.
The weakest sound that can be heard by a person with very good hearing is assigned a value of 0 decibels.
Noise which reaches _____ is considered Hazardous Noise. 85 db.
What are three parts which make up the noise control program? Source, noise, receiver
The hearing conservation program is covered in which AFOSH Standard? 48-20
Mishaps involving hand tools usually result from what? Misuse
What are the five groups of portable power tools? Electric, Pneumatic, gasoline, hydraulic, powder activated.
An incomplete grounding circuit can subject the user to what hazard? Electrical shock
All electrically powered tools must have a ground prong attached to the power cord or they must be _____. Removed from service.
Due to the ammunition and charges for powder actuated tools the owning organization must ensure what is on hand? Explosive license.
Operators of powder actuated tools shall have what in their possession? Qualified operators card, issued and signed by both the instructor and applicant.
Who is responsible for maintaining discipline with regard to personnel wearing properly fitted PPE? Supervisors
Who must promptly report safety, fire or health hazards to supervision or management for correction? Individuals.
As it relates to PPE, will be consulted? Ground safety and BE officials.
Personnel working in areas where there is a potential for injury from falling or flying objects, bumping head against a fixed object, or electrical shock or burns shall be provided and use what? Head protection
Protective helmets must comply with which ANSI Standard? Z89.1
Main safety helmet components consist of: Protective shell, inside suspension system and chin strap.
Type I helmet are intended to: Reduce the force of impact resulting from a blow on to the top of the head.
Type II helmets are intended to: Protect a blow from the center or top of the head.
Class G helmet- Contact exposure to low voltage conductors
Class E helmet- Contact exposure to high voltage conductors
Class C- Non-electrical dangers
What is an over-current protection device which has a metal wire or strip that melts when too much current flows? Fuse
What is an automatically-operated electrical switch designed to protect an electrical circuit from damage caused by overload or short circuit? Circuit breaker
What is a fast-acting circuit breaker designed to shut off electric power in the event of a ground-fault? GFCI
What prevents automatic re-start after power failure? Undervoltage protection
Bonding eliminates what? Eliminates the difference in potential between objects
Grounding eliminates what? Eliminates a difference between an object and a ground.
Electricians must be trained in what? Burns, electrical flashes, falls, CPR and first aid.
Who must accomplish a preseason and post-season inspection of softball fields? Safety, CE and military public health.
What are the two common surfaces of running tracks in the AF? Tartan and Cinder
Which type of track are drug, graded, and rolled on an annual basis Cinder
Saunas and steam rooms should be cleaned and disinfected _____. Daily.
Pool decks shall have pool deck markings every _____. 10 Feet
Who can inspect administrative areas? Collateral duty task-qualified safety personnel, Safety staff, supervisor and individual
What are examples unsafe conditions which often lead to injuries? Poor housekeeping, dangerous walking surface conditions inadequate lighting
Every permanent or temporary wall opening (to include windows) located less than ___ above the floor (where there is a 4 foot or more drop) will be guarded. ////
For ramps that are part of the exit access, the maximum slope of _______ inches is allowed. 1 to 8
Fixed stairs and ramps will be designed and built to carry a load of five times the normal live load anticipated but never of less strength than to safely carry a moving concentrated load of _____ pounds. 1000
Who are charged to ensure that children’s health, safety, and well being are protected while they are in child development programs? Installation Commanders
Who appoints a panel to provide oversight of the family child care program and determines which individuals should be recommended for licensing and affiliation? MSG CC
What are some human factors which affect billeting personnel: Cleaning agents, lifting, fire hazards, falling hazards, burns.
Job safety training is required by which AFI? 91-301
Commanders will ensure everyone who handles HAZMAT receives training _____ and whenever a new hazard is introduced into their work area. Initial work area assignment.
Who is responsible for training the club staff? The club manager
Who must use and wear required protective clothing and equipment? Employees
Who must include training costs in club operating budgets? Flight Chiefs
What are the components which comprise the means of egress? Exit access, exit and exit discharge
All organizations must establish: Emergency evacuation procedures.
Doors shall swing with exit travel when the room is occupied by more than ___ persons or used for high hazard occupancy. 50 persons.
Every exit sign shall be suitably illuminated by a reliable light source giving a value of not less than how many foot candles? 5 Foot candles.
The user age for playgrounds typically ranges from what age group? 2-12 years of age.
Playground injuries occur primarily from falls to ____ below the equipment rather than falls from one part of the equipment to another part. The ground surface
Acceptable playground surfacing materials are available in two basic types: Unitary or loose fill
All hooks, including S-hooks, should be closed. Ahook is considered closed if there is no gap or space greater than how many inches? 0.04 inches.
How many foot candles of illumination must be maintained at each worker’s position within vehicle maintenance shops? 50 foot candles
What can happen if frozen batteries are charged? Explosion
There are two types of PD 680 solvents. Which type will not be sued for cleaning and why? Type I, because of its low flash point.
Paint facilities with overhead sprinklers should have the sprinkler head covered with _____ to prevent the sprinkler head from clogging Paper bags
Air compressor tanks used in the AF will be stamped with what seal? American Society of Mechanical Engineers
Who can perform maintenance on single and multi-piece rims and tires? Qualified personnel
What will be used to service multi-piece rims and wheels? A restraining device
A tire cage or barrier will: Withstand maximum force of explosion at 150 percent tire pressure, Prevent components from being thrown outside or beyond barrier, inspected for defects prior to each day’s use.
Welding is only conducted in what areas? Approved by the fire dept.
Welding will be done when permitting by AF Form 592 “Welding, Cutting and Brazing Permit” approved by whom? The fire department
Who will ensure detailed local operating procedures covering safety precautions for hangaring aircraft are prepared? The responsible group commander
Powered hangar doors: Warning device will automatically signal at least ___ before any door section movement and will sounds _____ while the door is being operated. 5 seconds; continuously.
Horizontal sliding doors will be opened to permit a minimum of how much clearance at each wingtip? 10 feet
Under normal conditions powered hangar or shelter doors will always be opened to a width of at least how wide? 10 feet.
Tools will not be used within how far of a fuel vent or open fuel tank? 5 feet.
Proper layout, spacing, and arrangement of equipment machinery, passageways, and aisles are essential to orderly operations. Good layout can best be achieved in which stage? The design stage
Aisles shall be at least how much wider than the widest vehicle used or most common material being transported? 2 feet.
Where the danger of drowning exists, workers shall be provided with what? US Coast Guard-approved life jackets or buoyant work vests.
Ring buoys with at least ____ of line shall be provided and be readily available for emergency resue operations. 90 feet
Distance between ring buoys shall not exceed how many feet? 200 feet
What type of materials will be placed in covered self-closing metal containers? Combustible materials
When maintenance is performed on machinery, the machine will remain locked until what are replaced? The guards.
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