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Psychology of Stress

the threatening feeling that comes when a situation is perceived to be more than our minds can handle stress
the feeling that occurs when a goal that has been pursued is not achieved frustration
two steps of stress appraisal and arousal
the process of perceiving a situation as a threat appraisal
three types of appraisal harm/loss, threat, challenge
refers to when you have already received physical or emotional damage harm/loss
refers to damage that has not yet happened, but you feel will happen in the future threat
situations where physical and psychological energy must be mobilized in order to meet a difficult situation challenge
the only positive appraisal challenge
the three steps of arousal alarm, resistance, exhaustion
the four major causes of stress frustration, conflict, change, pressure
having two or more competing motivations conflict
choosing between two or more good choices approach-approach
choosing between two things that you don't like avoidance-avoidance
a single goal with both benefits and detriments approach-avoidance
any expectation to perform quickly, efficiently, or successfully pressure
stress management can save your __ life
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