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Leach Soc Chapter 11

Leach Sociology Terms Chapter 11

gender behavioral and psychological traits condsidered appropriate for men and women
gender roles specific behaviors and attitudes that a society establishes for men and women
gender identity the awareness of being masculine or feminine as those traits are defined by culture
patriarchy system in which men are dominant over women
sexism belief that one sex is by nature superior to the other
women’s movement social movement that supported the idea that the sexes are socially, politically, and economically equal
suffrage the right to vote
wage gap the level of women's income relative to that of men
glass ceiling the invisible barrier that prevents women from gaining upper-level positions in business
second shift the phenomenon of individuals having to complete household duties after working away from home
ageism belief that one age category is by nature superior to another age category
graying of America the phenomenon of the growing percentage of elderly Americans as part of the total US population
baby-boom generation collective term for the approximately 76 million children born in the United States from 1946 through 1964
dependency ratio the number of workers for each person receiving Social Security benefits
Medicare government-sponsored insurance plan for elderly or disabled persons
Medicaid state and federally funded health-insurance program for people with little or no money
managed care the use of health-insurance plans to help control health care costs
alternative medicine treating illnesses with unconventional methods such as acupuncture, biofeedback, massage, meditation, yoga, herbal remedies, and relaxation techniques
AIDS fatal disease caused by a virus that attacks an individual's immune system, leaving the person vulnerable to a host of deadly infections
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