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Glossary Test #12

Shear - Wrought Iron

Shear to cut metal by means of shearing with two blades in sliding contact
Shearardize to galvanize a piece with a coating of zinc by heating it in a drum with zinc powder, to a temperature of 575 - 850 degrees F
Shim a thin piece of metal or other material used as a spacer in adjusting two parts
Solder to join with solder, usually composed of lead and tin
Spin to form a rotating piece of sheet metal into a desired shape by pressing it with a smooth tool against a rotating form
Spline a keyway, usually one of a series cut around a shaft or hole
Spotface to produce a round spot or bearing surface around a hole, usually with a spotfacer. The spotface may be on top of a boss or it may be sunk into the surface.
Sprue a hole in the sand leading to the gate, which leads to the mold, through which the metal enters
Steel Casting like cast iron casting except that in the furnace scrap steel has been added to the casting
Swage to hammer metal into shape while it is held over a swage, or die, which fits in a hole in the swage block, or anvil
Sweat to fasten metal together by the use of solder between the pieces and by the application of heat and pressure
Tap to cut relatively small internal threads with a tap
Taper conical form given to a shaft or a hole. also refers to the slope of a plane surface
Taper Pin a small tapered pin for fastening, usually to prevent a collar or hub from rotating on a shaft
Taper Reamer a tapered reamer for producing accurate tapered holes, as for a taper pin
Temper to reheat hardened steel to bring it to a desired degree of hardness
Template or templet a guide or pattern used to mark out the work, guide the tool in cutting it, or check the finished product
Tin a silvery metal used in alloys and for coating other metals, such as tin plate
Tolerance total amount of variation permitted in limit dimension of a part
Trepan to cut a circular groove in the flat surface at one end of a hole
Tumble to clean rough castings or forgings in a revolving drum filled with scrap metal
Turn to produce, on a lathe, a cylindrical surface parallel to the centerline
Twist Drill a drill for use in a drill press
Undercut a recessed cut or a cut with inwardly sloping sides
Upset to form a head or enlarged end on a bar or rod by pressure or by hammering between dies
Web a thin flat part joining larger parts. also known as a rib
Weld Uniting metal pieces by pressure or fusion welding processes
Woodruff (key) a semicircular flat key
Wrought Iron iron of low carbon content useful because of its toughness, ductility, and malleability
Created by: tmay3810
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