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SS chapter 3 Geograp

Why is Washington DC an example of a political region? It is a city where people share a government.
Into how many regions does your book divide the United States? Five
What are the three levels of government in the United States? federal, state and local
What helps connect regions? technology
What does interdependent mean? Depending on each other.
When can regions change? When people modify them.
Little Havana in Miami has a large Cuban background. This is an example of what kind of region? A cultural region.
What two countries share the largest unprotected border? The United States and Canada.
What country is located to our south? Mexico
What country is located to our north? Canada
Into what kind of political regions is Mexico divided? States
What does the word commonwealth mean? A territory of that governs itself.
Why do people divide places into political regions? It helps pople live and govern in an organized way.
What kinds of features can be used to define a physical region? Landforms, rivers, lakes, oceans, climate, natural vegetation, elevation or wildlife.
How can forms of communication connect regions? They allow people to see and hear what is happening in different regions.
What are some ways people modify their environment? They clear trees, plow land to farm, dam rivers and dig mines and wells.
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