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Art Appreciation 100

Prebles artforms chapter 16

See Massccio's The Holy Trinity, fig. 16.2, p. 250. This early Renaissance painting is considered to be the first painting based on the use of: sfumato tenebrism linear perspective isometric perspective linear perspective
Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa. His technique and using somewhat blurred edges--without lines or borders in the matter of "sfumato," or smoke, and subtle gradations of in light and dark values is referred to as a special type of ___________ chiaroscuro
Michelangelo's David, p. 256, fig. 16.10, has a pose influenced by sculptural works of the: Sumerians Egyptians Sumerians Greeks Greeks
Refer to Jan van Eyck's The Marriage of Giovanni Arnolfini and Giovanna Cenami, fig. 16-13, p. 259. In this work the woman is wearing green because: it symbolized fertility
Caravaggio's The Conversion of Saint Paul, represents the figure of St.Paul in the foreground by using a technique called ____________, which accurately depicts a closely viewed figure's length along an axis forshortening
Many Renaissance artists benefitted from the patronage of many new wealthy bankers and merchants, such as the __________family. Medici
Many Baroque style characteristics are called "Counter Reformation" art developed as propaganda for the Roman Catholic Church's response to the_______________. Protestant Reformation
In the Netherlands, patrons of major artists such as Vermeer and Rembrandt were the middle and upper classes
Characteristics of the Rococo style of paintings are best described by which of the following themes and visual appearances? lighthearted, playful scenes of courtship, music, and festivities of the privileged
The first woman to achieve recognition in her own time and a reputation as a masterful artist in Renaissance Europe was: Sofonisba Anguissola
true or false Boticelli's painting, Birth of Venus, was the first painting of a life-size nude since Roman times. true
true or false Michelangelo wa praised eqaully as a master sculptor and painter of the High Renaissance true
true or false The most famous sixteenth-century architect was Palladio true
true or false In general, the Baroque period represents a more varied and overly decorative style than that of the Renaissance true
True or False The art of Rembrandt is heavily influenced by Italian Baroque artists because of his use of a loose more expressive brushstroke. false
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