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Lathe Safety

Wood Shop Safety Series

Don’t ____________ anyone while they are working on the lathe. distract
Never use the lathe without ___________________. You can get it by getting 100 on your written test, 100 on your practice test, and having a partner. permission
A _____________________ should be worn to protect your eyes when operating a lathe. face shield
Long hair should be pulled back and loose clothing should be tucked in to keep from being ________________ in the lathe. caught
_____________ wear a necklace or dangling jewelry when operating a lathe. never
No one should stand near the operator or ___________ to someone using a lathe. talk
When a safety shield is used, it must be kept ______________ so the operator can see through it clearly. clean
The wood that is being turned must be in good condition and free from any _________________. defects
If the wood has been glued, it should set up for at least 24hrs and be firmly ______________ before it is turned. bonded
The material must be __________________ and fastened firmly in the lathe. centered
Adjust the tool rest so it is slightly above the center and as close to the material as possible without ___________________ it at any point. touching
Rotate the ______________________ before turning the power on. Make sure the stock does not hit the tool rest. hand wheel
The wood turning chisels and gouges must be in good condition and _________________. sharp
Only use chisels and gouges that are specifically designed and manufactured for ____________________________. wood turning
The ______________ of the lathe should be adjusted for the type of material and the size of the material that is going to be turned. speed
The lathe should be turned off immediately if it begins to ______________. vibrate
The lathe must be completely ________________ before any adjustments or measurements are made. stopped
Dull tools are more _______________________ than tools that a kept sharp. dangerous
The cutting tool must be held firmly with _______________________. both hands
Whenever possible, the cut should be started in the _________________ of the stock. middle
The cut should be shallow, smooth and even. A cut that is too ____________ is dangerous. deep
Before any sanding or polishing operation, the ______________________ must be removed. tool rest
Fold the ____________________ neatly so it won’t get caught in the turning lathe or the material. polishing rag
Use a _________________ speed for sanding or polishing. slow
Do not use the lathe until you fully _______________ how to use it correctly and safely. understand
Created by: Steve Corn
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