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Chapter 4 Study Guide

coral reef structure near water's surface formed by skeletons of small sea animals
contiguous joined altogether inside a common boundary Ex: 48 states (not alaska and hawaii)
navigable when a body of water is wide enough for ships to pass through
landfills areas where trash companies dup waste they collect
NAFTA North american Free Trade Association
Mississippi River flows 2,340 miles from Minnesota to the Gulf of Mexico
Mt.McKinely tallest mountain in North America standing 20,320 feet high
Rock Mountains longest mountain range in North America (located on the east coast)
Appalachian Mountains second largest mountain range in North America
Great Lakes largest group of freshwater in the world which includes Huron,Ontario,Michigan,Erie,and Superior
Free Enterprise System individual people have rights to run business
Wisconsin Humid Continental Copper and Iron Ore forests commercial farming and manufacturing
St.Louis Humid continental Manufacturing area
Alaska Subartic and Tundra Hunting and Gathering Nomadic Herding Forest
Texas Steppe and Humid Subtropical Forest,comercial farming,Ranching, Natural Gas Petroleum Coal
Florida Humid Subtropical and Tropical Savanna Forest Commercial Farming Manufacturing Fruit and Fishing
United States Economy Farming 2% Mining 1% Manfacturing 20% Service Industry about 77%
5 regions and how they are divided Northeast South Midwest The Pacific and Interior West and they are divided by the main economic activity in each region
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