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Leach Soc Chapter 10

Leach Sociology terms Chapter 10

race category of people who share inherited physical characteristics and who are perceived by others as being a distinct group
ethnicity set of cultural characteristics that distinguishes one group from another group
ethnic group individuals who share a common cultural background and a common sense of identity
minority group category of people who share physical chatacteristics or cultural practices that result in the group being denied equal treatment
discrimination denial of equal treatment to individuals based on thier group membership
prejudice unsupported generalization about a category of people
legal discrimination discrimination that is upheld by law
institutionalized discrimination discrimination that is an outgrowth of the structure of society
stereotype oversimplified, exaggerated, or unfavorable generalization about a category of people
self-fulfilling prophecy predictions that results in behavior that makes the prediction come true
racism belief that one's own race or ethnic group is naturally superior to other races or ethnic groups
scapegoating practice of placing blame for ones troubles on an innocent individual or group
cultural pluralism policy that allows each group within society to keep its unique cultural identity
assimilation blending of culturally distinct groups into a single group with a common culture and identity
segregation physical separation of a minority group from the dominant group
de jure segregation segregation based on laws
de facto segregation segregation based on informal norms
subjugation maintaining control over a group through force
slavery ownership of ane group of people by another group
genocide extermination aimed at intentionally destroying an entire targeted population
ethnic cleansing the process of removing a group from a partuclar area through terror, expulsion, and mass murder
white ethnics collective reference to immigrants from the predominantly Catholic countries of Ireland, Italy, France, Poland, and Greece
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