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Dance Cards A-Z

PrePointe flash cards

Abstract Ballet a ballet without a plot
Adage, Adagio at ease or at leisure
En l'air in the air
Allegro ^taking off brisk, lively
Allonge ^taking off extended, outstretched
Arabesque a pose there are 5 cecchetti, 2 french, and 4 russian
en arriere ^landing backword
arrondi rounded, curved
assemble ^taking off assembled or joined together
Attitude a pose
En avant forward
balance ^taking off rocking step
balancoire ^accent under-looks like a 5 like a see-saw
ballerina a principal female dancer in a ballet company
Ballet d'action a ballet with a plot or story
ballon bounce, the light elastic quality in jumping
ballonne ^taking off ball like or bouncing step
ballotte ^taking off tossed
barre the horrizontal wooden bar fasened to the walls of the ballet classroom which the dancer holds for support
en bas low
battement beating
battu beaten
bras arms
brise ^taking off broken or breaking
brise vole ^t.o ^t.o flying brise ^t.o
cambre ^taking off arched
changment cange
chaines ^accent mark ~ chains, links
sans changer without change
chasse ^taking off chased
choreographer one who composes or invents dances
choreoraphy the actual steps
cinq five
en cloche like a bell
corps body
corps de ballet the dancers in a ballet that do not appear as soloists
^ de cote ^taking off sideways
cou-de-pied "neck" of the foot
sur le cou-de-pied on the cou-de-pied
coupe ^taking off cut, cutting
couru running
cuisse thigh
croise ^taking off crossed
croise derriere ^t.o ^landing crossed in back
croise devant ^taking off crossed in front
en croix in the shape of a cross
danseur male dancer
en dedans inward
degage ^t.o^t.o disengaged
en dehors outward
demi half
derriere ^landing behind, back
dessous under
dessus over
detourne ^t.o ^t.o turned aside
deux two
devant in front
developpe ^t.o ^t.o developed
ecarte ^t.o ^t.o separated, thrown wide apart
echappe ^t.o ^t.o escaping or slipping movement
efface ^taking off shaded
^ emboite ^taking off fitted together, box
entrechat interweaving or braiding
enveloppe ^taking off enveloped
epaule ^t.o ^t.o shouldered
epaulement shouldering
en face in front, full face
extension the ability of a dancer to raise and hold her extended leg en l'air
*extra failli giving way
ferme ^taking off closed
flic~flac a crack, as of a whip
fondu sinking down
frappe ^taking off struck
fouette ^taking off whipped
glissade glide
grand big, large
en haut high
jambe leg
jete ^taking off thrown
temps leve ^taking off time raised
temps lie ^taking off time linked
lyrical dancing a peotic style of dancing with a lovely, flowing quality
maneges ^landing circular
Created by: akcashmer
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