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Kitchen Rules Review

6th Grade FCS Kitchen Rules Study Stack Review

No ______________towels flipping
Use only ______________of dish soap with HOT water to wash dishes 1 tablespoon
Do not wear ______________clothing during lab. It is dangerous loose fitting
______________ hands after coughing or touching your hair, skin, or face Wash
Keep your ______________ away from beaters and blades in appliances Fingers
If you spill something you should______________ wipe it up
When you drop a knife, scissors, or sharp utensil you should do what? back away
In case of a fire you should do what? Use the fire extinguisher
Do not sit on _____________ counters
_____________ all cabinet doors and drawers Close
Use _____________to dry hands and dish towels to dry dishes Paper towel
What do you use to wash your hands? Warm soapy water
How long should you wash your hands? 20 seconds –or- the length of the ABC song
Where is the fire extinguisher located in class? Under the flag by Mrs. Stucker’s desk
What are the 5 categories of kitchen hazards? Falls, Fires, Cuts, Burns, and Poisoning
Created by: tracy.kathryn