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Southeast Asia Quest

1. The combined effect of what 3 phenomena results in the islands of Southeast Asia being one of the wettest regions in the entire world? Monsoons, the ITCZ, & typhoons/cyclones
2. What became the most important crop in Southeast Asia due to its ability to thrive in the standing water brought by the monsoon rains? Who performs much of the work for this labor-intensive crop in this region? Rice, women
3. Plate tectonic activity and the collision zones in the area resulted in mountain building and volcanic activity that have created thousands of islands that comprise which two Southeast Asian countries? Indonesian & Philippine
4. What river, Southeast Asia’s longest waterway, and is valuable for transportation/trade, irrigation, hydroelectricity, and fishing? Mekong River
5. Using Figure 2.7(b) on page 40, which four countries have contradictory claims over the Spratly Islands in the South China Sea? Philippine, Malaysia, China, & Vietnam
6. The mining of what mineral resulted in the establishment of large Chinese communities throughout Southeast Asia, particularly Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, and Thailand? Tin & oil
7. What line, running between the Indonesian islands of Bali and Lombok, marks the division between Eurasian animals and Australian animals where an ocean trench prevented these two different communities of species from mixing? Wallaces’ Line
8. Deforestation is described as Southeast Asia’s most significant region-wide environmental problem. Provide the negative impacts of deforestation seen in Southeast Asia. Loss of species habitat, flooding & soil erosion, & smoke & pollution from forest burning
9. The monocultures of crops that were uniformly planted during the Green Revolution were extremely vulnerable to what types of devastating agents? Disease & pests
10. What kingdom conquered the Khmer Empire in the 14th century and competed with neighboring kingdoms for control of mainland Southeast Asia for the next four centuries? Thai Kingdom
11. Using Figure 2.13 on page 47, indicate which European power dominated each of the following modern Southeast Asian countries Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia. Malaysia- British Vietnam- French Indonesia- Dutch
12. What modern Southeast Asian country maintained its political independence during the colonial period in Southeast Asia? What was its former name? Thailand, formally Siam
13. Define pancasila. What country used it in an attempt to unify the numerous islands and cultures? Unity in diversity through belief in one God, nationalism, humanitarianism, democracy, & social justice, Indonesia
14. What country was the first hit by the Economic Crisis of 1997? In what country were the effects of the crisis most severe, resulting in the resignation of its longtime president, Suharto? Thailand, Indonesia
15. Define crony capitalism and kleptocracy. Crony capitalism- leaders allow friends & family to control the economy Kleptocracy- leaders divert national resources for their personal gain
16. In the Johor-Singapore-Riau Growth Triangle model on page 53, what six characteristics does Singapore contribute to the region’s complementarity? Capital, skilled labour, advanced technology, access to world markets, advanced physical infrastructures, & advanced commercial infrastructure
17. What three theoretical factors, supported by Southeast Asia data, are associated with fertility decline? Higher income,lower infant mortality,& higher status of women
What program intended to redistribute populations from densely settled Java in order to reduce civil unrest, + food production in peripheral areas,further goals of regional development/national integration & the spread of the official Indonesian language? Transmigration Program
19. The largest numbers of Southeast Asian labor migrants work in what other region of the world (use Figure 2.20 (b) on page 56 to help)? Philippine economy
20. What Southeast Asian country, long distinguished by its practices of Hinduism and Buddhism, is today the largest Islamic country in the world? Indonesia
21. Define matrilocality. Where married couple’s move into the wife’s family home
22. Using Figure 2.22 on page 59, what language family dominates the insular (island) countries of Southeast Asia? Malayo-Polynesian
23. The explosion of commercial sex work in Southeast Asia, particularly Thailand, was critical to the spread of what disease? HIV
24. What three countries are parts of the Golden Triangle? What two drugs have either historically or currently been associated with this region? Burma, Thailand, & Laos- heroin & speed
25. What minority ethnic group has long fought against the domination of Burma by the ethnic Burmese military junta? Hmong
26. What theory held that the communist takeover of South Vietnam would lead to the spread of communism throughout Southeast Asia? What country sent military advisers to South Vietnam in 1962 as a result of this theory? Domino Theory, United States
27. In what country did the “Killing Fields” result in the deaths of two million people, or one-quarter of the country’s population at the time? Cambodia
28. What group was forced to flee Laos after fighting unsuccessfully for the United States during the CIA-led covert war in that country? Hmong refugees
29. What country was occupied by Indonesia after Portugal gave up colonial control of it in 1976 (independence was finally successful in 2000)? Timor-Leste
30. What 1991 Nobel Peace Prize winner has been kept under house arrest by Burma’s ruling government? Aung San Suu Kyi
31. Using Figure 2.27 on page 64, indicate what country’s southern island is plagued by an Islamic rebellion seeking a separate state. Moro
32. What organization reticence to involve itself in the local affairs of member countries such as Burma has resulted in it losing credibility within and outside the region? (Spell out the acronym) ASEAN Association of SouthEast Asian Nation
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