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My Brother Sam is De

My Brother Sam is Dead Vocab. Ch. 1

muffled hidden somehow
lobsterbacks redcoats (British Troops)
Minutemen patriots ready to fight in a minute
massacared slaughtered;killed in large numbers
orderly organized
peppered sprayed with bullets
prevail to win or triumph
rebellion going against authority
constitutes makes up or qualifies as
treason betrayal or rebellion against authority
Tories loyalists
loyalists British supporters
virtue valued quality
mock make fun of
passions emotions
agitators trouble-makers
learned educated
civil polite\respectful
loft attic
sloth laziness
pitch throw
lasciviousness inappropriate
blurts shouts out
milling moving around without purpose
lodgers people who pay money to stay in a house
subversion plans to overthrow
gaudy loud\brightly colored
bitter someone holding on to resentment
vile harsh lesson\repulsive
Created by: nicisminty
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