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SS Ch 3 - Caribbean

caribbean islands

Haiti occupies the western side of Hispaniola
Large commercial farms that grow crops for sale plantations
water passageway connecting the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans Panama Canal
group of nearly 700 islands east of Florida Bahamas
where many Dominicans sell goods free trade zone
strong government control of the society and economy communist state
type of farm found in Cuba coopertive
another name for the Caribbean islands West Indies
body of water on Central America's east coast Caribbean Sea
storms with winds of 74 miles per hour hurricanes
smaller islands of the southern Caribbean are part of the Lesser Antilles
uses its rain forests to attract ecotourists Costa Rica
temperatures in the Caribbean islands often remain pleasant because of winds blowing from the sea
first permanent European settlement in the Western Hemisphere Santo Domingo
an instrument that was developed in Trinidad and Tobago steel drum
islands that are still not independent and have ties to France Martinique and Guadeloupe
many Caribbean islands have a _________ economy farm
the farm economy of the Caribbean islands is based on only _________ crop one
group of four large islands in the Caribbean Sea Greater Antilles
much of the Central Highlands' fertile soil came from volcanic eruptions
rapid clearing is a growing threat to rain forests in Central America
in Central America, rapid clearing is a growing threat to rain forests
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