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Antilipemic Drugs

Ch. 29, Pharm

what are the two forms of lipids in the blood triglycerides and cholesterol
what are apolipoproteins specialized lipid carrying proteins
what is lipoprotein combo of triglyderides or cholesterol with apolipoprotein
what are the types of lipoproteins VLDL- very low density lipoproteins LDL- low density HDL- high density
what does HDL do recycle cholesterol and is the good cholesterol
what level of cholesterol makes someone risk for CHD >300mg/dl 3-4x greater than <200mg/dl
What are positive risk factors for CHD male 45+, female 55+, family hx, smoker, BP 140/90+, HDL <40
what are negative risk factors (beneficial) high HDL >60
What do antilipemic drugs do lower lipid levels, adjunct to diet therapy
how long should non-drug means of lowering lipid levels be attempted before drug therapy 6 months and then fail
What are the classes of antilipemics (6) HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors(HMGs or statins) bile acid sequestrants Niacin Fibric acid derivitives (fibrates) Cholesterol absorption inhibitor (Zetia) Combination drugs (Vytorin)
How do HMGs or statin reduce lipids inhibit HMG-CoA reductase which is used by liver to produce cholesterol, block liver from producing cholesterol, first line drugs
What is an adverse affect for statins myopathy, muscle pain which can lead to rhabdomyolysis(destroyed muscle cells)
What are the bile acid sequestrants cholestyramine(Questran) colestipol hydrocholoride(Colestid) colesevelam(tablet form)
how do bile acids sequestrants work bile acids are necessary for absorption of cholesterol, they gather up bile and prevent reabsorption of bile acids from sm. intestine
Bile acids reduce cholesterol how natural way liver excretes cholesterol, the more bile acids excreted in feces, more the liver converts cholesterol to bile acids. reduces chol. in liver
What are the indications of bile acids mgmt of type II hyperlipoproteinemia and alongside statins
what are adverse affects of bile acid sequestrants constipation, heartburn, N, bleching, bloating
What vitamin is Niacin vitamin B3, need lg doses to lower cholesterol
how is niacin affective in lowering cholesterol lowers triglycerides, total serum cholesterol and LDL levels and incr HDL. Reduce metabolism/catabolism of triglycerides and cholesterol
what are adverse affects of niacin flushing, pruritis, GI distress, can take NSAIDs 30 min before, take weeks to work
What are two fibric acid derivatives gemfibrozil(Lopid), fenofibrate(Tricor)
what is the mechanism of action for fibric acid derivatives decr triglycerides, incr HDL 25%, suppress release of free fatty acids from adipose
what are adverse affects of fibric acid derivatives blurred vision..."fiber in your eyes", constipation esp. Clofibrate so incr fiber in diet
What is a cholesterol absorption inhibitor Zetia
what are some herbal products that help lower cholesterol garlic, flax, Omega 3, interactions with Warfarin
Created by: palmerag