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socials 10 chapter 2

canada 1840-1867 building a nation

Emily Stowe first canadian female [docter] in the british empire
suffrage the right to [vote]
matriculation ticket a peice of paper indacating that a student is enrolled in a course and will [matriculate] or graduate
victorian someone who lived during the era of Queen [Victoria] 1837-1901
to assimilate to join the majority group and give up the traditions of ones group
Sarah Bernhardt perhaps the most famouse person in europe for singing acting and sculpting
federation is a federal union in witch members keep certain powers them selvs and give certain powers to central gov
external relations is dealing with other countries
Canadas Upper and Lower Canada, names were changed to Canada West and Canada East
Canada West(Upper Canada) is modern day Ontario
Canada East (Lower Canada) modern day [Quebec]
responsible government a government wich the exclusive council is legalative assembly whose members are repersentative of the people
mecantilism an economic system based on colonialism. the home country takes raw materials in from its colonies and manufactures goods which it sells for profit
corn laws laws wich [protected] british agriculture
treason [betrayal] of ones country
to annex to incorperate a territory or country into another country
us war and expansion canada prevents usa from taking over
ferian raids canada eastern west both nearly bankrupt
trouble with trade england did not support canada with supplys
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