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Insight Training

Where is the HR send notice setting? Agency Preferences > Recruiter or
How is Candidate ID Method choosen? Agency Info > Candidate ID method.
How are Department Approval Groups Setup? Admin > Department Approval Groups or Department User >> Add as Approvers
How to set up agency wide question without a master profile category? Create Custom Form Field and link it to Agency Wide Questions.
How can customer ask agency wide question to one group and different set to another group? Create agency wide question, create a separate temp and associate it.
Can I specify the amount and what approval group sees? No. Groups are shown to all users agency wide. Access to user within group is limited by department security.
Can Approvers edit requisition? Can be configured at Agency Admin Settings > Edit made to requisition by approver
If Requisition creator goes on a vacation, can someone else see it and manage it? Reassign the requisition, reassignment is for creator of requisition. Config entry present at Admin > Agency Pref > OHC Security.
What happens if approver denies or cancels requisition? There is an option to route back to previous approver or back to creator of requisition
Can a user edit approver group after requisition has been released? No. On the req approval groups cannot be edited. Only approvers can be edited.
How can agency specify which job posting category they can select from? Admin > Agency Preferences. Cannot create their own categories, just select from a list of JOb categories. This affects category options for JSQ item bank.
Various features related to config postings to accept online applications? Admin > Agency Pref From posting level, Job eill be posted but will not have apply link if online application is set to OFF.
Will job be posted if apply link is set to OFF? No.
What controls when job postings go active on website? Posting Level : Draft, Archived etc.
Is it okay to choose or add supplemental questions after jOb is posted? Can be done. It is not restricted.
How to update address of the applicant? Update info on online GI account.
What parts of the application process are configurable for agency? Agency wide questions, intro verbiage, supplemental questions, intro verbiage, DL, NJ admin, Class Number, State, Education, Dates, all colleges or HS dates only.
If application enters a job interest card for a particular job posting category, when is notification sent? Notifications are sent in batches.
What are the Notifications driven off?
How does applicant see their status? The applicant see their status on application status link within each evaluation step on the referred list. This is configurable while creating evaluation.
How many Job Postings can I have in an exam plan? One.
How many eligible list per exams? Many
Can I use one filter in multiple exam plans? Yes, filter are saved by the user. Pros - Dont' have to recreate. Cons - Different application sections and agency wide questions based on template, or different job specific questions that could be saved.
Do steps work as hurdles? Depends on the evaluation step set up, if set up as prerequisite to each other then its a hurdle.
Can I skip some steps? Promotional or Priority Lists.
How can i evaluate my app, for longevity of each job? Auto scoring could support that sort of depending on the set of app questions. True calculation is done by rating tool and rating job experience.
Does ngv track or identify test takers that are signed up to take some test that might be used for a different recruitment? Tests > Written EXams and bulk scheduling tools.
Making changes to weight or scoring of eval steps. Can edits be made to weights/scoring of step? Yes. Edit Evaluation step scoring.
How can I correct step for previous score? Place in step 3 using revert to prev step or go to revert.
What are the different ways to revert applicansts disposition View app by step. Process applications through step.
What needs to be done in order to jump directly to the priority list? go to Pri list directly from application received if the pri list is of the type promotional . Can skip step if skipped step is not pre req.
Diff between scored and pass/fail scoring factors? Scored adds point values for Questions(responses). In case of pass fail, set specific responses.
What are the three main components that make autoscoring work? Response - Format for supplment quesitons, Appropriate and correct scoring plan or scoring factors. Correct eval step set up.
What is the exam score on eligibility list? Exam score is based on performance in exam plan eval steps.
I have a requisition associated with exam plan, when trying to refer it, does not work. Why? Requisition status is not open.
How do I switch OHC notices on/off? Agency Pref > Other settings.
Once a referred list has expired, does hiring manager get to hire candidates? yes.
If rejected on referred list, do they stay active on eligibility list? Yes/No depends on inactivation reason and set up.
Custom Form Fields on Personal Action? Can't be set up.
If I hire candidates on referred list, do they stay active on eligibility list? Depends on option selected when complete PA form default is No.
Where are raters and proctors added from? Test Menu
Relationship between Job Posting and Exam Plan 1:1
Relationship between Exam Plan and Requisition 1:M
What setting lets you reassign req from OHC Admin Pref > Requisition Reassign on OHC Secutiry.
Some Sections in Admin Pref OHC Secutiry Attachments Requisiion Application Printing Section Other Settings Job Posting DEfaults Other Verbiage.
Where are Email Templates Candiate Track > Notification Template
Use of DAG Adding approvers to REq Adding approvers for hiring a candidate.
Is Job posting searchable by categories? Yes
How are Paaper entries moved to system Candidate Track > App Entry
Can filters be shared across exam plans? Yes, on different step of an exam plan or different exam plan.
Can we add evaluation steps to hiring page? Yes
Admin > Def Tables > Panel Templates. What do we do here? Adding / removing columsn from different lists.
Application templates > agency wide questions disabled. Why? They are makeed as required questions.
Ways to set disposition Change disposition (p/f) change socre directly upload rest results upload score autoscoring.
Created by: therealslimshady
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