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Benchmark Studyguide

Mexico, Central America, Caribbean Islands, South America, and Landforms

A problem in Mexico City that is made worse by the surrounding mountains is SMOG
What is a mixture of smoke, chemicals, and fog? SMOG
Which economic system is based on free trade and competition? MARKET ECONOMY
What country controls the Panama Canal since the United States returned it back under its control in 1999? PANAMA
What war did Mexico lose nearly half of its territory to the US? SPANISH-AMERICAN WAR
What were the people of mixed European and Indian ancestry called? MESTIZOS
What are the Caribbean celebrations that have the big parades, fancy costumes, and music called? CARNIVAL
What is the name of the church outpost in the colonial Mexico that priests taught Indians Spanish and Catholicism? MISSIONS
What are the four large islands that make up the Greater Antilles? CUBA, JAMAICA, HISPANIOLA (Haiti & Dominican Republic) AND PUERTO RICO
Who controlled most of the banana production in Central America in the early to mid-1900s? UNITED FRUIT COMPANY
What killed the Aztecs in large numbers because the Aztecs did not have immunity from the Spanish? EUROPEAN DISEASES
Which country has had a Communist government since 1959 when Fidel Castro came to power? CUBA
This country was a Spanish colony, but today it is an US commonwealth? PUERTO RICO
This country has suffered through violence, political unrest, and poverty that has created many political refugees and it is the poorest country in the Americas? HAITI
Where were the enslaved Africans and the Central American Indians forced to work? PLANTATIONS & MINES
What is the name of the first permanent European settlement in the Western Hemisphere? SANTO DOMINGO OF THE DOMINICAN REPUBLIC
What is the name of the civilization that was known for having studied the stars and developed a detailed calendar? MAYA
This man discovered the Americas in 1492 when he landed in the Caribbean Islands? CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS
What is the holiday that Mexicans celebrate to honor death as a part of life? DAY OF THE DEAD
What is the language most Mexicans speak because of the Spanish influence in the colonial times? SPANISH
What is the country that was ruled for many years by a group called the Sandinistas ? NICARAGUA
This country is still recovering from 36 years of violence between rebels and government forces that has cost over 200,000 people to lose their life? GUATEMALA
This Central American country has fertile soil that has helped in the rebuilding efforts since the end of its civil war in 1992; it grows and exports coffee and sugarcane? EL SALVADOR
What is the process of moving from one place to live in another? MIGRATION
TRUE OR FALSE: Slash-and-burn agriculture is a problem because inhaling smoke can harm people's health. TRUE
TRUE OR FALSE: The island group closer to South America is the Bahamas. FALSE - IT IS THE LESSER ANTILLES
What type of weather does Central America and the Caribbean Islands generally have? SUNNY AND WARM
What are some causes of TECTONIC PLATE MOTION in the Caribbean Islands and Central America? EARTHQUAKES, VOCANO ACTIVITY, AND PUSHING LAND UP FROM THE SEA
Which type of government owns all the property and dominates all aspects of life in a country? COMMUNISM
Which culture came first in Mexico and lived on the on the southern coast of the Gulf of Mexico, where they built temples and giant stations? OLMEC
What is the archipelago divides the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean? CARIBBEAN ISLANDS
A group of many islands? ARCHIPELGO
What is the the region called that is made up of the seven countries: Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama? CENTRAL AMERICA
TRUE OR FALSE. Newspapers, television, and radio stations in Cuba are controlled by the CUBAN GOVERNMENT. TRUE
Which type of government is ruled by a single person with all the power? DICTATORSHIP
Which country is under a dictatorship in the Americas? CUBA
European diseases killed the Aztecs in large numbers...Why? THE AZTECS DID NOT HAVE AN IMMUNITY TO THE DISEASES.
Mexico will probably continue as a developing country until it does what? PAYS ITS DEBT TO THE FOREIGN BANKS
Trade among Mexico, United States, and Canada was made easier by this? NORTH AMERICAN FREE TRADE AGREEMENT (NAFTA)
This act causes respiratory problems for the Mexican people? SLASH AND BURN AGRICULTURE
Which Central American country has history of peace and stability? COSTA RICA
Ideas of independence in the Americas were sparked by slave revolt in? HAITI
The poorest country in the Americas is? HAITI
This was a Spanish colony but today is a commonwealth of the United States? PUERTO RICO
Which of these is not a part of the Greater Antilles: Hispanola, Jamaica, Cuba, or the Bahamas? BAHAMAS
Most of the Mexico, Central America, and South American regions were claimed by what Europeans? SPAIN
Panama Canal is now controlled by whom? PANAMA
What crop does the government of Colombia want to export less of? COCA
Which of these countries is a member of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC): Venezuela, Colombia, French Guiana, or Suriname? VENEZUELA
This man led several wars of independence against Spain making him a hero in South America. Who is he? SIMON BOLIVAR
The largest river system in the world is located in South America and called what? AMAZON RIVER
Which country is the largest in South America? BRAZIL
Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro are this country's two largest cities. BRAZIL
Brazilian life reflects its mix of cultures with this celebration? CARNIVAL
Amazon rain forest houses the greatest variety of what? PLANT AND ANIMAL LIFE
Capital of Brazil. Brazilia
Brazil's official language is what? Why? PORTUGUESE. PORTUGAL COLONIZED BRAZIL.
First Europeans to come to Argentina. SPAIN OR SPANISH
Most of the religion in Pacific South America, Central America, and Mexico is what? ROMAN CATHOLIC
The warming of ocean waters and heavy rains has been contributed to what? EL NINO
After the Spanish arrived, the INCA king ordered a room filled with what? GOLD AND SILVER
Most people move to the urban area of LIMA from the country because of? INDUSTRY, UNIVERSITIES, AND GOVERNMENT JOBS
Ecuador controls what chain of islands? GALAPAGOS
Created by: elkinssmith
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