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NIMS Chapter 3

Structurally, Command comprises IC and the ___. Command Staff
It is important to remember that incidents are ___; personnel are ___. managed; commanded
IC, whether conducted by an individual or through UC, is a ___ and ___ position. management; leadership
The Command function is structures in one of two ways: ___ or ___ single or unified
___ is the most traditional representation of the command function and is the genesis of the term Incident Commander Single command
The ___ is responsible for approving the IAP and all requests pertaining to the ordering and release of incident resources. Incident Commander
The agencies or jurisdictions represented in the UC group, for the most part, depends on the ___ and the ___. Nature of the incident; geographic location
For the UC to be effective, the management of the incident depends on a collaborative process to establish incident objectives and designate ___ that accommodate those objectives. priorities
UC, therefore, results in the development of a single set of ___ and ___ incident objectives that form the basis of a single IAP. integrated; prioritized
Limitations and safety issues also are critically important to all ICS components and must be clearly define in the ___. IAP
The ___ should include an explanation of the strategy that will be used to resolve disagreements. IAP
UC also will appoint a single ___ Section Chief, typically with ___ representing key functional disciplines for the operational period. Operations; deputies
Three Command Staff positions are routinely identified in the ICS: Public Information Officer, Safety Officer; Liaison Officer
The ___ must approve the release of all incident-related information. IC/UC
In large-scale incident or where multiple command posts are established, the PIO should participate in or lead the ___ to ensure consistency in the provision of information to the public, Joint Information Center (JIC)
The ___ is responsible for establishing a method to ensure the ongoing assessment of hazardous environments. Safety Officer (SO)
The SO is aslo responsible for coordinating multiagency safetty efforts, most often through the the use of ___ who are better qualified to assess specific activities in various disciplines. Deputy SOs
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