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NIMS Chapter 2

ICS normally structures to facilitate activities in five major functional areas:...___ is an optional sixth functional area that is activated on a case-by-case basis. 1.Command; 2.Operations; 3.Planning; 4.Logistics; 5.Finance/Administration; Intelligence/Investigations
___ is an organization to oversee the management of multiple incidents handled individually by separate ICS organizations or to oversee the management of a very large or evolving incident engaging multiple Incident Management Teams (IMTs). Area Command
An ___ or other public official with jurisdictional responsibility for the incident makes the decision to establish an Area Command. Agency Administrator/Executive
___ Commands are particularly rlevant to incident that are typically not site specific,a re not immediately identifiable,a re geographically dispersed, and evolve over longer periods of time. Area
___ Command is also use when a number of incidents of the same type in the same area are competing for the same resources. Area
When incidents are of different types and/or do not have similar resource demands, they are usually handled as separate incidents or are coordinated through an ___ or ___. EOC or MAC Group
If the incidents under the authority of the Area Command span multiple jurisdictions,a ___ should be established. this allows each jurisdiction to have appropriate representation in the Area Command. Unified Area Command
Area Command should not be confused with the functions performed by the Multiagency Coordination System(s) (MACS): Area Command oversee management coordination of the ____, while a MACS element, such as EOC, or MAC Group, coordinates ___. incident(s); support
Management by ___ represents an approach to defining actions related to managing an incident that is ommunicated throughout the entire ICS organization. IC begins the process by establishing overarching or ___ incident objectives. Objectives; strategic
The last component of the management by objectives approach is documenting ___ to measure ___ and making indicated corrective actions. This is most often done through ___. results; after action reports
___ are oral or written plans containing general objectives reflecting the overall strategy for managing an incident. These are drafted by the ___ Section Chief. Incident Action Plan (IAP); Planning
Generally, the IAP includes a summary of the incident ___ and current ___. The IAP also includes establish incident ___, a ___ plan, specific ICS organizational/position assignments, and an incident medical plan, if appropriate. details; actions; objectives; communications
(Span of Control) Based on general business concepts, this number has been set at between ___ and ___ direct reports. A span of control of ___ to ___ is appropriate for emergency response. 5 to 7; 3 or 4
(Span of Control)... and a specific supervisor may be responsible for a greater number of individuals when ___ resources perform ___ functions. similar; similar
The agency or agencies with ___ authority over an incident designate the individual(s) at the scene whoa re responsible for establishing command. jurisdictional
The effective use of ___ can substantially ease the difficulties associated with the transfer of command, especially during the extended incidents with multiple operational periods. IAPs
___simply means that there is a clear line of authority within the structure of the ICS organization. Chain of Command
___means that every individual has one, and only one, supervisor at the scene of the incident. Unity of command
Incident safety depends on the use of an effective personnel and resource ___ system. accountability
The components of the ICS have not been substantially altered by NIMS. Instead,a focus on ___ incident management has been added. integrated
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