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Quandt Test 2

Quandt CMST Test 2

What are the 3 components to Credibility? Competence, Trustworthiness and Dynamism
T or F Pathos is an appeal to logic False--Pathos is an an appeal to emotions
T or F Derived Credibility is the perception of your credibility that the audience has before you begin speaking False--Initial Credibility is before you speak. Derived is during, and Terminal is after.
T or F Quoting an interview with a person who discusses the pain and suffering of having lost their leg due to cancer is an example of pathos True
What are 3 things to consider when selecting your presentation aid? You audience Your objective Your skill and experience
T or F It's not important to know how to use Powerpoint slides before you are ready for the speech False--it's important to practice using your aid
T or F Powerpoint slides are the best form of presentation aids False--There is no one best form. Analyze the situation and content to decide what will work best.
T or F Color can support your ideas in your speech T
What are 2 ways to add interest to a Powerpoint presentation? Transitions and animations
When; you're creating a presentation in color you don't want to print handouts in Black and White False
T or F. It's appropriate to repeat elements such as color or bullets in your presentation to create visual unity True
The color of your backgrounds and fonts can influence you audience. True Dark backgrounds and light font is often a good choice for slides.
Always distribute handouts during a speech. False--you should distribute the handout after the speech unless the audience must use it during the speech.
T or F You shoud pass objects among the audience during the speech. False it is often distracting
Simple is better when it comes to visual aides True Use brief phrases, not sentences and limit the number of lines of text per slide
When do you cite sources? A. before the information is given. B. after the information is given. A. Before the information is given.
Describe Redundancy. The repetition of a phrase or idea.
What is the purpose of and rules for Brainstorming? The purpose is to come up with as many thoughts pertaining to the topic as possible. And the rules are to set an amount of time. Stay focused for that amount of time. Don’t develop or evaluate your ideas yet and write down all the ideas.
“Vanilla Ice Cream Is Delicious.” Is this an attitude, belief or value Attitude. Attitudes = likes and dislikes Belief = True or False (based on evidence or faith) Value = Ideas about what is Good or Bad, Right or Wrong Behavior = what we actually do
What leadership style is hands off? Laissez-faire
Is it ok to stand while clutching your arm when giving a speech? No, this is called "Don't worry, Ma" because it looks like you've been gazed by a bullet.
Is it proper to use “man” to refer to all people? No, this is an example of gender-biased language
Is talking about losing a loved one appeal to Pathos, Ethos, Logos, or mythos? Pathos
When using statistics effectively you want to A. Round to make numbers manageable B. Relate statistics to something the audience understands C. Use a graph to show trends D. Use vocal emphasis (slowing down) E. All the above E
Name one of the weak language types. Hedges; disclaimers; tag questions; unnecessary apologies
T or F When you use audiovisual equipment that requires a dark room you gain vital visual contact with your listeners False- you lose vital visual contact
What should you say when citing a source? Author, title and year
You don’t have to cite your source in your speech False. You need to cite direct quotations, options and ideas of others, statistics and non-orignal visual materials
What is a “Boolean search” An advanced web-searching technique that allows a user to narrow a subject or keyword
What are the 6 major categories of non-verbal behavior that affect delivery eye contact gestures movement posture facial expression personal appearance
T or F A democratic leader assumes positions of superiority and gives orders false (authoritarian)
Does using cognitive dissonance help to motivate your listeners yes. When audience members are given info. that doesn't fit with their current belief, attitudes, values and behavior they may change in order to no longer feel uncomfortable
True or False If you do a web search and you get too many results to be useful, use the word "or" between search terms to narrow the search False. "Or" will give you more results, "And" will narrow your results
Denotative/ connotative meaning its dictionary-meaning objective meaning but connotative is subjective meaning with personal emotional meaning
What is elaboration likelihood model of persuasion listeners can be persuaded directly by logic reasoning and evidence or indirectly by the overall emotional impact of the message. This is why ads have flashy images or music that may have nothing to do with the product
What are the three phases of establishing credibility initial is in the beginning derived is during the speech and terminal is credibility at the end of the speech
What is cognitive dissonance sense of mental discomfort that prompts the person to change when new information conflicts with previously organized though process
Ethos appeal based on credibility of speaker like competence trustworthiness dynamism/charisma
Pathos appeals based on emotional
Logos based on logical reasoning
Created by: jquandt
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