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the 8th chapter


Operational definition procedures used to measure a concept
G-factor a general ability factor or core of general intellectual ability that involves reasoning, problem-solving ability, knowledge, memory,and successful adaptation to one's surroundings
Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale, Fifth Edition (SB5) widely used individual intelligence test derived directly from Alfred Binet's first intelligence test; items are age-ranked
Fluid Reasoning how are an apple, a plum, and a banana different from a beet?
Knowledge why is yeast added to bread dough?
Quantitative Reasoning if I have six marbles and you give me another one, how many marbles will I have?
Visual-spatial processing suppose you age going east, then turn right, again, then turn left. In what direction are you facing now?
Working Memory repeat a series of digits (forward or backward) after hearing them once
Wechsler Adult Intelligence Test 3rd Edition (WAIS-III) adult intelligence test that rates verbal and performance intelligence and abilities
Wechsler Intelligence Scale fro Children, 4th Edition (WISC-IV) downscaled version of the WAIS-III; for children from 6 years, 11 months, 30 days
Performance intelligence (type one of intelligence) nonverbal intelligence
Verbal intelligence (type two of intelligence) language or symbol oriented intelligence
Intelligence quotient (IQ) intelligence index; original definition; mental age divided by chronological age, then multiplied by 100
Chronological age person's age in years
Mental age average intellectual performance
Deviation IQ score scores based on a person's relative standing in his or hr age group; how far above or below average a person's score is, relative to other scores
Group tests these tests can be given to a large group of people with little supervision; usually contain multiple-choice items
Computer Simulations programs that attempt to duplicate human behavior, especially thinking, problem solving, or decision making
Normal (Bell-shaped) curve most scores fall close to the average, and very few are found at the extremes
Mentally gifted the possession of high IQ or special talents or aptitudes
Intellectual disability (formally mental retardation) the presence of a impairment of adaptive behavior
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