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North America

federal republic form of government in which the national and state governments share powers
commonwealth partly self-governing territory
embargo order that restricts or prohibits trade with another country
migrant worker person who travels from place to place when extra help is needed to plant or harvest crops
adobe sun-dried clay bricks
colony overseas territory or settlement tied to a parent country
subsistence farms small plot where a farmer grows only enough food to feed his own family
rural relating to the countryside
urban relating to the city
amend to change the basic laws of a government
fossil fuel fuel formed in the earth, such as coal, oil, or natural gas
free enterprise system economic system that operates on free competition, in which people start and own businesses with limited government intervention
megalopolis huge urban settlement made up of several large cities
prime minister official who heads the government in a parliamentary democracy
parliamentary democracy system of democratic government where the executive power is held by a cabinet composed of members of the legislature; headed by a prime minister
dominion self-governing nation that accepts the British monarch as head of state
autonomy right of self-government
NAFTA free trade agreement among United States, Mexico, and Canada
tundra vast, rolling, treeless plain in high latitude climates in which only the top few inches of ground thaw in summer
bilingual having or expressed in two languages; able to use two languages with fluency
indigenous native to or originating from a place
province regional political division similar to a state
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