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Psych Exam 2

consciousness and sleep

Consciousness our awareness of ourselves and our enviroment
Biological Rhythm physiological fluctuations- sleep and wake, hormone levels, temp, alertness, brainwaves
Circadian Rhythm our natural rhythm for sleeping behaviors. reduces melatonin -> alertness, increase melatonin -> sleepiness
Sleep Stage 1 sensory experiences (hallucinations), lasts about 5-10 mins, theta waves, hypnic jerks, twitching, hypnagogic hallucinations
Sleep Stage 2 sleep spindles, theta waves, ,reduces heart rate, blood pressure and body temp, muscles relax, 65% of sleep is in this stage
Sleep Stage 3 trasitional stage, large slow delta waves
Sleep Stage 4 deep sleep, bonded with sleep stage 3
Sleep Stage 5 REM sleep, 10 min first time, 60 mins end of night, vivid dreaming, body completely relaxed, brain very active, beta waves, blood pressure and heart rate rise
Hypnagogic Hallucinations lucid dreamnin, hallucinations, out of body experiences and sleep paralysis
Hynic Jerks twitching
REM Rebound skip all other stages and drop right to REM when deprived of REM sleep
Theories of Sleep sleep protects- survival; sleep recuperates- body repairs itself; memory- helps us remember and learn; sleep and growth- growth hormone secreted in REM
Somnambulism sleepwalking
Nightmares REM sleep
Night Terrors fear and agression; screaming and crying; heart rate and breathing rises
Insomnia can't fall asleep, cant stay asleep, don't sleep very long
Narcolepsy breif periods where body suddenly falls into REM sleep
Sleep Apnea throat closes and stop breathing for short periods or time and constantly waking up
Created by: pderou01