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wcc ext parasites

wccvettech external parasites

scientific namecommon name
ctenocephalides felis; insect cat flea
ctenocephalides canis; insect dog flea
gasterophilus spp.; insect bot flies, horse bots
cuterebra spp; insect warbles; type of myiasis-producing fly
myiasis infestation by larvae of flies is called
hypoderma lineatum & bovis; insect ox warble, cattle grub, heel fly; also myiasis-producing
mallophaga; insect chewing/biting lice (order not species)
anoplura; insect sucking lice (order not species)
Rhipicephalus sanguineus; arachnid brown dog tick; ixodidae family
dermacentor variabilis; arachnid american dog tick; ixodidae
dermacentor andersoni; arachnid wood tick of western us; ixodidae
otobius megnini; arachnid spinose ear tick; argasidae family
demodex spp. ; arac follicle mite, demodectic mange mite
sacrcopies scabiei; arac scabies mite, sarcoptic mange mite
notoedres cati; arac feline scabies mite
cheyletiella spp.; arac walking dandruff mite, rabbit fur mite
otodectes cynotis; arac ear mite
psoroptes cuniculi; arac ear canker mite of rabbits
knemidokoptes mutans & pilae; arac avian scaly leg mite (AKA cnemidocoptes)
Created by: wccvettech