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Conflict Armed conflict
truth commissions was used to hear honest testimony from the dehumanizing atrocities. offer participants asylum from punishment
nationalism devotion to ones nation over another
ethnic groups large groups of people who share ancestral/cultural/religious/common identity
genocide killing one ethnic/religious group
ethnocentrism tendency to see ones own group as good and others as bad
islam the religion practiced by muslims, with many different sects
islamist groups want base govt on islamic law
territorial waters waters within three miles of the shore of a state
irredentism regaining lost territory
airspace the air space above a state belongs to that state
counterinsurgency trying to win over the population so the will stop sheltering guerrilla fighter
power projections ie aircraft carries, can be used to send a threat of using force anywhere in the world
Electronic warfare use of electromagnetic spectrum during warfare and attempting to not let the enemy use theirs
state sponsored terrorism terrorism supported by state actors
fissionable materials uranium and plutonium
ballistic missiles extremely difficult to defend against
intercontinental missiles that can be sent more than 5000 miles
missile technology control regime attempting to limit the missile technology in the south
chemical weapons convention all chemical weapons have been banned 1992
NON PROLIFERATION TREATY controls the spread of nuclear materials and expertise through out the world
Strategic defense initiative us program to create ballistic defense
comprehensive test ban treaty no more nuclear testing after 1996
military govt in the south, where military is the only institution in the country
civil military relations the division of labor between civilians and military causes tension
little boy dropped on hiroshima
fat man dropped on nagasaki
hedley bull does order exist in world politics? no it cant
information screens subconsciously only letting in certain info
justification efforts put so much into it you can't back out now
jervis dm fit incoming info into their theories
jervis 2 2 mistakes. not changing a view because of conflicting info and being willing to do it
post modernism denies the existence of a single fix reality
deconstruct take apart to find hidden meanings
five nuclear powers in the 50/60 us russia china france uk
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