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Exam 2 IR

part 2

Which war includes certain types of civil wars and is warfare without front lines? irregular forces operate by being hidden or protected by, civilian populations. used to harass and punish to liberate a territory Guerrilla warfare
In the essay, ‘Rationalist Explanations for War’, what is the central question James D. Fearon asks about war? (Page 349, Essential readings) 21. Why do nations continue to go to war despite the costs - both in terms of human life and money?
What is the purpose of terrorism? Traditionally the purpose of terrorism is to demoralize a civilian population in order to use its discontent as leverage on governments or other parties to a conflict. It also has an aim to create drama in order to gain media attention for a cause.
Are terrorists rational actors when they decide to use suicide bombers (or really ever rational)? Yes, because what may be rational for them, might not be rational to you.
Does planning an act of terrorism make you a terrorist? No, you have to commit the act. Once you actually blow up a building or any other act of terrorism you are on someone’s most wanted list. You cannot return to normal life and you can’t just decide to switch careers.
Can you “fight” terrorism? You cannot fight terrorism because it is an ideology. You can send troops and shoot each other but that does not mean you are fighting terrorism. It just means you are fighting another nation.
What is the difference between war and terrorism? War is a sanctioned action between two countries/sovereign nations; terrorism is not sanctioned by any country. It is not country vs. country. Terrorism can be the CAUSE of war, but it in itself is not war.
What does it mean to say war is overdetermined? This means that there are many, many credible studies in IR that have each determined the theoretical cause of WWI (they have fit WWI into their particular theory) and each one seems theoretically sound, methodologically appropriate, and historically good
What is parsimony? 28. According to parsimony, there should be a best cause and a best theory. So for example: Hitler------caused-------The Holocaust
What is the pre-Germany called? Prussia
FRANCO-PRUSSIAN WAR: 3 KEY OUTCOMES 1. new balance of power in Europe with strong Germany, weaker France 2. Germany a powerful state (empire) led by Kaiser William I 3. Germany takes French provinces of Alsace and Lorraine and French motivated by revenge in foreign policy
During the Franco-Prussian war what two territories does Germany take from France? Alsace and Lorraine
How is Germany taking these territories significant? Germany taking the Alsace and Lorraine is significant because by territory from France it caused Hypernationalism in France. The whole identity of France is trying to not be German. They want revenge for the next 150 yrs
Who is the Master of Diplomacy? Bismark
What is cult of the offensive? Attacks only; do not defend. The French stated this after the Franco Prussian War.
What state is neutral? Belgium
How long would Germany have after Russian mobilization to take over the French capital Paris? 6 weeks
Does Belgium allow Germany to use their state as a passageway to Paris, France? No, they start a war between Germany and Belgium that causes a lot of supposed negative media. which reaches the British and they get in the war. This gives the French time to realize the German Schlieffen plan’s intentions and they enact Plan 17.
What is James Joll’s theory on what caused the war? said it was multi causal and that many ind variables caused the war. ie july crisis,nationalism etc. without=no war
Does Clausewitz believe the government and military should be together? No; Clausewitz says you need a separation of military and government
Who was the original nuclear arms race between? US and Germany WWII
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