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Art Elements


Contrast means a comparison that draws attention to the _______________ between things. differences
Sometimes the _________________are small but more often they are quite distinct, because the artist wants us to notice the differences quickly. contrasts
They use color, painting bright. vivid colors next to duller, ____________ tones like grays and tans or using complementary colors that contrast with each other. neutral
They often use lines, with some lines in a painting being very straight and firmly drawn, and others _________________ sketched into curves. delicately
We see contrasts in the __________________ of objects in paintings, with hard objects like a wall or tabletop contrasting with the soft textures of a piece of fabric. textures
Sometimes artists even contrast subject matter, as when they __________a wealthy aristocrat and a poor peasant together. paint
_____________ and Sam uses a variety of different kinds of contrasts. Chloe
Created by: antonialopez