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Art Elements

Lines & Rhythm

Lines can be formed in ______________ different ways. two
One way an artist creates lines is to simply _________________ them on the canvas, the way you would have drawn lines to make your picture. draw
Often drawn lines mark the edges of something, or __________________ it. outline
Many of the lines you see in paintings are not drawn. They form where object touch or ____________,so that different colors or shapes come togehter, like the horizon where the sky and earth meet. overlap
Look, for example, at the lines ___________ by the edges of the books and maps in The Geography Lesson. formed
Lines can be long or short, ______________, straight or curved. thick or thin
The are ____________different kinds of lines in paintings. four
A ________________ line extends up and down, like a tall tree or the mast of a ship. vertical
_______________ lines get their name from the horizon and go from side to side. Horizontal
________________ lines are slanted, like the slope of a mountain or the rail of a stairway. Diagonal
A ______________ line forms an arc, like a rainbow. curved
_____________ lines are used in paintings to create objects like wave on the sea, the curl of a pig's tail, a bicycle wheel, or a baby's face. Curved
Vertical lines give a painting a sense of _________________ and __________________. strength order
Horizontal lines suggest __________________ and calm. peacefulness
Diagonal lines in a painting can create a sense of ___________________ or of ______________. movement tension
Curved lines make us think of things like a ball rolling or a flag flapping in the wind. They create a sense of __________and ___________ within a painting. liveliness energy
Rhythm describes something that ___________ and creates a kind of pattern. repeats
A _____________________ of vertical lines gives a painting a feeling of strength and stability. rhythm
A rhythm of ___________________ lines creates a sense of energy and liveliness curving
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