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Art Elements


Light in a painting means the actual _____________ of light. source
Light also means the lightness or darkness of different areas of the painting _____________ . surface
The source of light in a painting can be the ________, the moon, a lamp, or a candle. sun
In paintings we see the effects of light, but not the source of _____________ itself. light
Even when artists don't show us the source, the way they represent light is very __________. important
The brightness and color of the light used in a painting helps create the _______________ of a painting. mood
Light may tell us something about the time of day or even the time of _______________. year
Artists often use light to draw our eyes first to certain ___________ of a painting, like the face in a portrait. parts
With just a touch of white paint, an artist like Bordone can create the impression of light ___________________ on a surface like glass or a piece of fruit. shining
Reni's use of light and shade makes us see _________________ as if he were a living man standing beside us, holding his infant son. Joseph
In Three Maries at the Tomb, Empoli uses light and dark to create the emotional ____________of the painting. mood
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