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PSJ exam 2

Jess Hunter-From Jess Hunter’s perspective on violence violence is sociopolitical for instance in Columbia, an average of 11 people is killed per day due to this. The problem for Jess Hunter has been the civil war in Columbia. One solution he proposes is the organization known as Witness for Peace.
Peter Ackerman and Jack Duvall Violence came to Denmark in more subtle ways. In the ways violence was successful was when acts of sabotage stalled German occupation. Nonviolence for Denmark seemed to be most effective through Tens of thousands of factory workers and miners went on costly strikes when Germany wanted to send Dutch soldiers to labor camps.
In the case of South Africa Violence and non-violence came with a high price of lost lives. Some of the strengths and weaknesses were when blacks decided to launch boycotts and petition drives they held marches and demonstrations, organized strikes, established squatter settlements and vigilance associations to voice their grievances.
More successful operations in South Africa They established national organizations including National African Congress. Thousands were in violation of curfews, segregation, and other ordinances and eventually went to jail
The problems that faced south Africa toward ending Apartheid The ANC eventually armed themselves guided by Nelson Mandela. The ANC began to bomb government buildings, railroad lines and power stations only to meet with harsher aggression by the State.
The only result out of South Africa eventually came when the regimes leaders were finally isolated by other countries and of course the boycotts that cost business money.
In the case of the American South-Nonviolent action was crucial in ending segregation. Some of the successes in the resistance was the blacks ability to form nonviolent organized groups to play on the compassion of their oppressers and soon the boycotts on the businesses and buses eventually lead to the recognition of ending segregation.
Definition of nonviolence Renounces violence both in method and in attitude, It’s a willingness to undergo suffering, Seeks truth and justice, courageous acceptance of active love and goodwill. It excludes retaliation & flight.
SAP Structural Adjustment Program (reorganization of privatization agreement/ contract) who benefits? Corporation’s upper class.
Champagne glass economy higher incomes flow to lower incomes.
National Support Fund Subsidized sabotage squads that damaged so Germany couldn’t supply their armies.
Kaj Munk playwright minister Danish (speech on sabotage Germans) murdered.
What is “samarbejdspolitik”? policy of cooperation,” the official Danish stance during Germany’s occupation
Danskerens 10 bud Ten commandments (17 year old –passed out flyers-put sugar in gas tanks)
Race to the bottom- competition to get cheap labor.
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