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us regions


resources that can be replaced renewable resource
study of the Earth and the way people live on it and use it geography
resources that cannot be replaced if used up nonrenewable resource
depending on each other to meet needs and wants interdependent
weather an area heas over a number of years climate
group of cities that have grown so close together that sem to form one city megalopolis
moisture that falls to Earth as rain or snow precipitation
large area that has common features regions
way a country uses its natural resources, knowledge and money to produce goods and services economy
all the surroundings in which people, animals and plants live environment
using something again recycling
protection and careful use of the planet's natural resoucrces conservation
materials that people use that are found in nature to meet their needs and wants natural resource
measure of hot and cold temperature
stretches from Atlantic Ocean to Great PLains to the Gulf of Mexico Humid America
Lies in the Great Basin of the west and deserts of the southwest Arid America
polluted moisture that falls to the ground acid rain
substance found in the earth that is neither and plant or animal mineral
temperature day to day weather
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