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Thrombophlebitis of femoral vein 451.19
Acute venous embolism and thrombosis of deep vessels of distal lower extremity 453.42
Use of other agents affecting estrogen receptors and estrogen levels V07.59
Therapeutic use of estrogen E932.2
Plethysmogram 89.58
Acute pancreatitis 577.0
Acute alcoholic intoxication in alcoholism, unspecified 303.00
Alcohol detoxification 94.62
Anorexia nervosa 307.1
Sever malnutrition 261
Open pertrochanteric fracture, intertrochanteric section 820.31
Contusion of face and scalp 920
Fall from ladder E881.0
Home E849.0
Other external cause status E000.8
Other activity involving property and land maintenance, building and construction E016.9
Open reduction with internal fixation 79.35
Debridement 79.65
Other specified aplastic anemia 284.89
Secondary malignant neoplasm of bone 198.5
Adverse effect of antineoplastic and imunosuppressive drugs E933.1
History of malignant neoplasm of breast V10.3
Acquired absence of breast V45.71
Transfusion of packed cells 99.04
Chronic cholecystitis 575.11
Urinary tract infection, due to E. coli 599.0/041.49
Surgery not carried out because of contraindication V64.1
Encounter for antineoplastic chemotherapy V58.11
Malignant neoplasm of ovary 183.0
Klebsiella pneumonia 482.0
Injection or infusion of cancer chemotherapeutic substance 99.25
Routine chest X-ray 87.44
Malignant neoplasm of ovary 183.0
Unilateral oophorectomy 65.39
Chemotherapy 99.25
Dehydration 276.51
Malignant neoplasm of breast, unspecified 174.9
Adverse effect of antineoplastic and immunospuppressive drugs E933.1
Chemotherapy 99.25
Diverticulitis of colon with hemorrhage 562.13
Hypopotassemia 276.8
Rheumatoid arthritis 714.0
Symptomatic inflammatory myopathy in diseases classiifed elsewhere 359.6
Legally induced abortion, unspecified 635.90
Suspected damage to fetus from viral disease in mother 655.33
D & C for termination of pregnancy 69.01
Fetal distress 656.81
Classical cesarean section 74.0
Single liveborn V27.0
Systolic heart failure, Acute on chronic 428.23
Congestive heart failure 428.0
Inter mediate coronary syndrome 411.1
Observation following other accident V71.4
Contusion of back 922.31
Abrasion without mention of infection 913.0
Motor vehicle accident involving collision with another vehicle, driver E812.0
Third-degree burn of back 942.34
Second-degree burn of forearm 943.21
Burning caused by conflagration E891.3
Industrial place and premises E849.3
Civilian activity done for income or pay E000.0
Malignant neoplasm of sigmoid colon 153.3
Malignant neoplasm of liver, specified as secondary 197.7
Sigmoidectomy 45.76
Needle biopsy of liver 50.11
Urinary sepsis due to indwelling urinary catheter 996.64
Methiclillin resistant staphylococcal septicermaria, staphylococcus aureus septicemia 038.12
Sepsis 995.91
Urinary tract infection, site not specified 599.0
Other procedures without mention of misadventure at the time of procedure as the cause of abnormal reaction of patient or of later complication, Urinary catheterization E879.6
Removal of indwelling catheter 97.64
Anemia complicating pregnancy 648.23
Iron-deficiency anemia, unspecified 280.9
transfusion of packed cells 99.04
Occlusion of carotid artery, without mention of cerebral infarction 433.10
Endarterectomy of other vessel of head and neck (carotid artery) 38.12
Cardiopulmonary bypass (extracorporeal circulation) 39.61
Mixed hearing loss, bilateral 389.22
Complication of transplanted kidney 996.81
Closed biopsy of kidney 55.23
Closed fracture of shaft of femur 821.01
Closed reduction of fracture of femur without internal fixation 79.05
Arteriosclerosis of native coronary artery 414.01
Unstable angina 411.1
Combined right-and left -heart catheterization 37.23
Arteriosclerosis of native coronary artery 414.01
Aortocoronary bypass of two coronary arteries 36.12
Single internal mammary-coronary artery bypass 36.15
Abdominal-coronary artery bypass 36.17
Cardiopulmonary bypass 39.61
Intraoperative cardiac pacemaker 39.64
Open skull fracture with cerebral laceration and contusion, with brief loss of consciousness 803.62
Fall from scaffolding E881.1
Industrial place and premises (building under construction) E849.3
Civilian activity done for income or pay E000.0
Activities involving building and construction E016.2
Elevation of skull fracture fragments 02.02
Keloid scar 701.4
Late effect of burn of hand 906.6
Late effect of accident caused by fire E929.4
Radical excision of skin lesion 86.4
Full-thickness skin graft to hand 86.61
Poisoning by ethyl alcohol 980.0
Poisoning by Valium 969.4
Other alteration of consciousness (stupor) 780.09
Accidental poisoning by alcoholic beverage E860.0
Accidental poisoning by benzodiazepine-based tranquilizer (Valium) E853.2
Home E849.0
Pathological fracture of other specified part of the femur 733.15
Osteoporosis, unspecified 733.00
Diabetes mellitus, unspecified type 250.0
Application of cast 93.53
Routine chest X-ray 87.44
Other skeletal X-ray of pelvis and hip 88.26
Acute respiratory failure 518.81
Emphysema 492.8
Continuous mechanical invasive ventilation for less than 96 consecutive hours 96.71
Insertion of endotracheal tube 96.04
Acute respiratory failure 581.81
Emphysema 492.8
Continuous mechanical invasive ventilation for less than 96 consecutive hours 96.71
Insertion of endotracheal tube 96.04
Acute respiratory failure 518.81
Congestive heart failure 428.0
Continuous mechanical ventilation for 96 hours or more 96.72
Observation for possible mental disorder, adolescent antisocial behavior V71.02
Other psychologic evaluation and testing 94.08
Electrolyte and fluid disorders, not elsewhere classified 276.9
Hypertensive chronic kidney disease with chronic kidney disease state V or end-stage renal disease 403.91
End-stage renal disease 585.6
Diabetes mellitus with renal manifestations 250.40
Renal dialysis status V45.11`
Other procedures without mention of misadventure at the time of procedure as the cause of abnormal reaction of patient or of later complication, kidney dialysis E879.1
Atherosclerosis of the extremities with gangrene 440.24
Ulcer of other part of foot 707.15
Amputation through foot 84.12
Whooping cough due to B. pertussis 033.0
Pneumonia in whooping cough 484.3
Routine chest X-ray 87.44
Cellulitis of leg 682.6
Open wound of leg, complicated 891.1
Bacterial infection due to group A Streptococcus 041.01
Accident caused by other specified piercing instrument (thorn) E920.8
Other specified place (forest) E849.8
Activities involving walking, marching and hiking on level or elevated terrain E001.0
Other external cause status E000.8
Closed skull fracture with subdural hematoma 803.25
Accident from diving into water (swimming Pool) E883.0
Place of recreation or sport E849.4
Activities involving springboard and platform diving E002.1
Civilian activity done for income or pay E000.0
Elevation of skull fracture fragments 02.02
Incision and drainage of subdural space 01.31
Alzheimer's disease 331.0
Dementia in disease classified elsewhere without behavioral disturbance 294.10
Liveborn twin, mate liveborn, born in hospital without mention of cesarean delivery V31.00
Liveborn twin, mate liveborn, born in hospital without mention of cesarean delivery V31.00
Extreme immaturity, weight 750-999 grams 765.03
35-36 Completed weeks of gestation 765.28
Coronary occlusion without myocardial infarction 411.81
Percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty (PTCA) 00.66
Procedure on single vessel 00.40
Injection or infusion of thrombolytic agent 99.10
intermediate coronary syndrome 411.1
Paroxysmal tachycardia, unspecified 427.2
Electrocardiogram 89.52
Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) disease 042
Kaposi's sarcoma of skin 176.0
Biopsy of skin and subcutaneous tissue 86.11
Acute appendicities with generalized peritonitis 540.0
Malignant neoplasm of pancreas, Head of pancreas 157.0
Appendectomy 47.09
Closed (percutaneous)biopsy of pancreas 52.11
Diabetes mellitus, type 1, with hyperosmolarity, out of control 250.23
Diabetes mellitus, type 1, out of control, with nephropathy 250.43
Nephrotic syndrome in disease classified elsewhere 581.81
Pressure ulcer,buttock 707.05
Pressure ulcer, stage III 707.23
Gangrene 785.4
Excisional debridement 86.22
Admitted for extracorporeal dialysis V56.0
Diabetes mellitus, type 1, with renal manifestation 250.41
End-stage renal disease 585.6
Hemodialysis 39.95
Venous catheterization for renal dialysis 38.95
Created by: Lilyn Ta
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